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== == == == * Some people don't have time for a relationship and some people are afraid of commitment. There are many reasons for on/off relationships. Some people are just good friends (may even have a sexual relationship on and off) and it fills their needs at the time they are in need of it. Then there are some people that really love someone and will date them, split-up and come back to them again. These people either want to remain free and have choices without being committed to this person. Then there are marriages or relationships with a lot of problems. Stress is the number one factor in split-ups (then comes money problems) so people may split-up for a time and realize they really do love that person, but never really try to communicate with each other to come to the best resolution of their problems and this is what makes the on/off relationship go on and on. Then there are just people that don't want a steady boyfriend or girlfriend and they simply find pleasure in a person they are attracted too once in awhile. * It's completely normal! If people have on/off relationships it means that things are working out. It's like a test of love. If you can survive the 'off' part of the relationship it shows you actually love each other. * My answer to this question would have to be that the reason people have on and off relationships is because that they either need some time from each other or they think that it is better to be apart. There is millions of reasons. Maybe you'll find out in the future. * If all you do is breakup and makeup, when will you wake up and see that if love hurts, it won't work... you need some time alone... you need to breath. * People have on and off relationships either because they don't want to be committed to a relationship and it keeps their options open, a bit like hook ups or because sometimes, in my case, me and my friend have a kind of on off relationship because we just hookup every now and then. and i guess i do this because you don't actually like like the person but you like them as more than a friend, but you don't actually want to have a serious relationship. hope this helps. * Both of them have been known to be found by someone else to be rekindled and tossed about by veterans and newcomers alike, as relationships are often continued or temporarily discontinued on account of fleeting emotional connections. I believe that some of the main reason why relationships go hot and cold are as follows: 1)The connection is purely emotional, and emotions are fleeting, and it is ended when the emotions grow lukewarm, 2) It can also be that they hit a bad spot with ideology or religion and break up only to pick it right back up later to realize what they lost in the first place, 3) One of them felt trapped or bored and jumped on the next hot guy/girl only to realize that it isn't as good as what they already had, 4) The parents or friends got between them, and they broke up only to reunite in secret later, 5) One or both need personal development time and they break it off to start afresh later, 6)One is going to a different college than another, or maybe one is going to college, while the other is not, and the one who is not forgoes any relationship until he/she can hook back up with his/her true love, 6) The girl has a baby "too early" and the guy gets scared off only to man up and return for parenthood, or 7) One or both of them go gay, lesbian, or bisexual and break up only to revert to the straight and narrow for their soul mate. First of all, not everything has to have some profound symbolism or meaning, but this has some significance. On/off relationships just mean that the emotional, intellectual, economical, ecceliastical or sociological circumstances weren't stable enough to allow for a constant romantic connection.

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Q: Why do people have on-off relationships and what do they mean?
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