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They don't the earth makes volcanoes

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How do people survive volcanoes?

People survive volcanoes by getting away from them while the volcanoes are erupting.

How can volcanoes effect people?

well... volcanoes melt people from the hotness. so there's your answer!

Do people live next to volcanoes?

Yes. Many people live next to volcanoes.

How many composite volcanoes are there?

you people think there are about 1000 volcanoes .

Can volcanoes eat people?

No. Volcanoes are not alive. They do not eat. Volcanic eruptions, though, can kill people.

Are there volcanoes in UK?

if people are asking why there aren't any volcanoes in the UK then obviously that means there AREN'T ANY VOLCANOES IN THE UK! use your brains people.

What good can volcanoes do?

Most people know that volcanoes are dangerous, and it's true. But why do people still live near volcanoes? Some people live near volcanoes because of the ash it produces. Ash is good fertilizer for the soil and crops. Also volcanoes can create new land.

Why are people affected by volcanoes?

Because they live near volcanoes - the soil around volcanoes is very fertile.

Who visits volcanoes?

The people who visit volcanoes are called volcanologists. Or Tourists.

Why don't people live near volcanoes?

why are houses not near volcanoes

How many people have died from shield volcanoes?

There has ben maybe 150,000 people dead from shield volcanoes.

What effect are there on people in volcanoes?

People in volcanoes may die and will lose their homes/land when the Volcano erupts.

Can people go into volcanoes?

no, people can not if they do they will die

Why do people still live dangerously near volcanoes?

mostly people live near extinct volcanoes but sometimes people live near volcanoes which have chances to erupt because places near volcanoes have high mineral deposit which are beneficial for thenselves

Why do people want to live near volcanoes?

most people dont want to live near volcanoes unless they are dormant. many researchers stay on base near active volcanoes. people stay near dormant volcanoes because the area around high mountains like volcanoes are very pretty and there is lots of foliage.

What are the economic importance of volcanoes?

If there was no volcanoes then people would not be able to make a living and stuff.

Can people die from volcanoes?

of course you can die from volcanoes, volcanic gases and ash flows

Does Hungary have volcanoes?

no hungry does not that people no of

Why do you think that people have used folktales to explain volcanoes?

In a while back, people didn't know that volcanoes were caused by the earth's crust.

Can people be killed by volcanoes?

people can get killed by volcanoes because if the lava hit you you'd burn to death because its so hot.

What animals live near volcanoes?

Goats would live near volcanoes because the people that live near volcanoes look after goats !

Do all volcanoes have lava?

yes, all volcanoes have lava. when volcanoes erupt, the lava comes through and lava is what causes people to die.

Why do many of Mexico's people live in the valleys that are located between volcanoes?

Many of Mexico's people live in the valley's that are located between volcanoes because the soil that surrounds the volcanoes is rich and fertile, many farmers live in the valley despite the danger from volcanoes. The ash from volcanoes adds nutrients to the soil.

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