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We use to hunt pigeons near old barns and along field edges. It was a fun way for me to see my uncles when they were home and we would clean the birds for my grandmother to cook. A pigeon and a dove are very similar in size and with a group of guys you could put together a nice meal. They are faster in the wild versus the ones that seem to sit right next to you in the suburbs.


Pigeons are a type of dove. Wild doves are hunted for their meat and for sport.

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Q: Why do people hunt doves?
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Is it legal to hunt doves?


Do doves hunt in packs or alone?

A dove is a small bird. Doves do not "hunt in packs" they walk on the ground lin small groups ooking for seeds and insects.

How do you hunt doves in Bird Hunter 2003?

U can't hunt doves in the regular maps, they fly under the ground level. It was never fixed right by croteam.

How many in numbers doves?

Doves are a small white bird that many associate with symbolizing peace. Doves only mate with one person and that is why when people are in love they say they have doves eyes.

Can you hunt doves in pa with air rifle in season?

Nope. Doves are a Federal Migratory bird, and regulations are set by the Federal government for dove huting in all states. Rifles (inlcuding air rifles) are not legal.

Who were the Hawk and Doves in the war 1812?

War hawks were people who wanted to have a war. The doves were people who thought we could solve this diplomatically.

What are doves used for?

Doves are used for eating. Doves use for eating but in the olden time and now people believe that dove stands for peace and make their land soothing and calm

Why would a hawk kill a dove?

Hawks prefer to hunt small mammals but they will take birds, including doves, if given the chance. Doves are a pretty easy target because they normally are not as alert as other birds and they tend to be slow moving animals.

Can you hunt doves with bb guns in u.s?

No. Doves are a Federal Migratory bird, and may only be hunted with shotguns. And unless you found one sitting on the ground eating, they are a very difficult bird to shoot even with a shotgin- they are the fastest game bird in the world.

Do doves fly in flocks?

Yes doves travel in flocks. The terms for their group is a dule of doves, a flight of doves, a dole of doves, a cote of coves, a piteousness of doves.

What is the collective noun for collared doves?

There is no collective noun specifically for collared doves. The collective noun for doves are:an arc of dovesa cote of dovesa cove of dovesa dole of dovesa dule of dovesan exaltation of dovesa flight of dovesa flock of dovesa funeral of dovesa piteousness of dovesa pitying of dovesa prettying of doves

What were people called who wanted the war to end?


What were the people called who protested the war in Vietnam?


What were people called who protested the war in Vietnam?


What were people against World War I called?


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What is the collective noun of the word doves?

Collective nouns for doves are: a dule of dovesan exaltation of dovesa bevy of dovesa cote of dovesa flight of dovesa piteousness of dovesa pair of doves.

How was Aphrodite worshiped?

People sacrificed doves or other animals to her.

Why did people in the middle ages keep doves?

To bring them luck.

What were the positions of the war hawks and war doves?

War hawks and war doves are on opposite sides. In a debate over whether or not to go to war, the people favoring war are referred to as hawks. Those opposed to going to war are called doves.

Do doves come in different colors other than white?

Doves do come in different colors other than white. There are brown doves, and gray doves, and black doves, and a range of doves in colors of brown to gray.

Do people hunt pandas?

Yes people will hunt them but they are not supposed to

What dinosaurs did people hunt?

People did not hunt dinosaurs because there were no people in the time of the dinosaurs.

Are doves native to Australia?

Yes. Multiple species of dove, like Diamond Doves, Common Emerald Doves, Banded Fruit-Doves, and Rose-Crowned Fruit doves live in Australia.

How do you keep doves from building their nest on my apartment deck column?

my grandma had the same problem in Ecuador but with pigeons just get a cat inside to hunt them or any bird eaters