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Why do people kill polar bears?

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because the polar bears kill people (they have no right)
People are not killing them on purpose, it has to do with global warming. Rising temperatures are causing the ice caps to melt, removing the Polar Bears natural habitat. By reducing green house gasses and CO2 emissions, we could yet save their habitat in in turn, the creatures themselves.
Human Race are spreading terror allover the earth , Poler Bears are among the victims .

2017-09-10 10:43:36
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Q: Why do people kill polar bears?
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How do people kill polar bears?

It is wrong to kill polar bears. Don't do it and I'm not telling you how. Ha!

What is some negative stuff about polar bears?

They kill peopleThey kill other polar bears, including cubs.

Do people kill polar bears?

People kill anything they want to.

Why do you kill polarbears and what for?

People kill polar bears for their unique fur.

What law should be made to not kill polar bears?

Law: Do not kill polar bears.

Do polar bears attack people?

yes polar bears do attack people because a polar bear attacked a ladie!

Do polar bears have sharp claws?

yes they do polar bers are known to kill people

Do polar bears kill people?

Yes they do they did it for protecting their son

Do female polar bears kill baby polar bears?

The male is more known to do this, although females bears can and do kill their young.

Is polar bears harmful to people?

Yes, they are very dangerous. In fact, polar bears kill on average 263 people each year in Canada alone.

Are polar bears protected by the government?

no because people kill them for there fur

Why do they kill polar bears?

Because there are evil, nasty people in the world

How can humans kill polar bears?

Humans kill polar bears by shooting them down with rifles, like they kill any animals with.

What eats a polar bears?

Orcas are known to occasionally kill and eat swimming polar bears.

Why not to kill polar bears?

Polar bear are endangered. That is why.

What animals eats polar bears?

Orcas are known to occasionally kill and eat swimming polar bears.

What weapons are used to kill polar bears?

guns are used to kill polar bears and so are Emily mason

What animal can kill or eat polar bears?

The orca is known to kill and eat swimming polar bears occasionally.

Can a lion kill a polar bear?

Lions cannot kill grizzly bears easily, so it will have more trouble with the polar bear. Yes. A lion can even kill two polar bears. Three polar bears can take down a lion.

Why polar bears are dangerous?

Polar bears are large, unpredictable predators, and can easily kill a human.

Are polar bears good or bad?

In what term? Polar bears can kill so in that sense, bad.

What kills polar bears?

from what i know, i dont think other animals kill polar bears, i think its us people that kill them. but now there are laws against hunting for a sport and killingpolar bears, it is now illegal to kill polar bears.Orcas have rarely been seen taking Polar bears, but it does happen.We are the ones killing the poor polar bears.We are the ones who release the green house gases and that creates global warming which melts the arctic and their "home."

Why do hunters kill polar bears?

They kill Polar bears due to their own ignorance. The Polar bear population was listed as "threatened" by the US Department of the Interior in 2008.

Do people kill polar bears for there fur?

Yes they do sometimes to make fur for jackets

What eats a polar bear?

People and other polar bears eat a polar bearNothing a Polar Bear is a top predator. They die of natural, i dont think soThe only thing polar bears need to worry about are humans, and other polar bears.