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  • Some fantasy readers are unhappy with their lives and think that they would be happier in another world. A place where someone who is not so successful in this world might be a hero or king in another world.
  • I like reading Fantasy Books because they provide me with a beneficial different point of view on world and everything. I like to think about it using the analogy to house that you may live in but you'll never be able to understand if you don't ever get outside and look at it from perspective.
  • You can see a lot of tiny details in fantasy books that you may somehow lose in your everyday life just because they aren't getting enough your attention... Digest them and they'll make your life more colourful and interesting.
  • A lot of fantasy is about the world we would like to see, a dream we want to pursue. Where would we be at if we didn't dream? Fantasy novels are extremely popular, but most popular with children. This is probably due to the natural curiosity and fascinated imagination inherent in nearly every young person. Fantasy worlds that suggest things like magic and sorcery, epic battles between non-existing good and evil species and happy endings are all part of what it means to be young. Older readers might enjoy Fantasy because of its imaginative scope, and also because of the uncanny ability fantasy has to show us aspects of our own lives in an otherwise far-fetched format. People can relate to the emotions and experiences of fantasy characters, as well as mirror events in human history, through the blurred mirror of the fantasy world.
  • I like reading fantasy because I have a vivid imagination and I find its better used reading fantasy than everyday life. Because I can imagine what its like so much easier than if it were a real place. I can make it up just the way i like it, because in fantasy there is no real right or wrong. Also because I believe there is magic, people just don't realise it because it works in subtle ways, and you may not recognise it for what it is.
  • Fantasy is a place to escape when you no longer want to live in real life. Where you can let your imagination run free and have control over what you see and hear.
  • Many people like to escape the hustle and bustle of real life and be captured by a story which involves something special, unreal or different - possibly magic. People enjoy being in someone else's shoes - someone extraordinary, so that we can look at the world through another's eyes. You can switch off and enjoy letting your imagination run wild.
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Q: Why do people like reading fantasy books?
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