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Why do people make false accusations of Abuse or being Abused?

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so many reasons why somebody may make things up, maybe too hurt somebody, maybe for attention, obviously they want something or want someone to feel something for them, example .. Janet was accusing Alfred of rape .. Janet was just upset with Alfred for cheating on him and wanted revenge you need to look at why the person is saying this, do they have a grudge against the person they are accusing, obviously there is some reason for it revenge tactic by women, a way to make someone feel sorry for somebody, if somebody just says it with no reason whatsoever then they need psychiatric help

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Is it possible that an abused can ended up being an abuser?

yes if someone is abused they might abuse people when there older because that's what they remember

Is mental abuse a crime?

Is the individual being abused a child, incompetent or elderly? Yes, It is a crime Is the individual being abused a competent adult? No abuse (thou I would recommend a mental evaluation if such abuse is being allowed)

How does being abused as a child affect you as an adult?

You will abuse and hurt others as an adult if abused as a child.

How often does animal abuse take place and why do people do it?

it is said every second of everyday an animal is being abused.

About how many kids are abused?

According to some, every child is abused. Because if they aren't being physically, sexually or emotionall abused then they are being neglected, which is a form of abuse.

Are men being abuse?

what are the statistics on men being abused in the city of Philadelphia pa

How to help an abused man?

An abused man could be afraid to tell others about the abuse they are secretly suffering. If you know that he is being abused assure him that this type of abuse is not acceptable. Seek out a shelter in your neighborhood that address male abuse victims support groups.

Why does animal abuse matter what about humans?

Animal abuse matters just as much as people being abused. Animals have lives too and they don't want to suffer abuse or death because they are helpless. Humans being abused isn't right either. Animals die a lot easier than people do, but that doesn't make it right. Animal abuse and human abuse isn't right, they can both be caused with death. Go against animal abuse and human abuse by reporting it if you ever see any.

What do animal abusement and child abusement have in common?

Animal and child abuse are issues to be taken very seriously. They both have different forms of abuse such as neglect and physical abuse. Both are happening all around the world, and many are trying to help those being abused. Please tell someone you trust if you know someone who is being abused or you are being abused.

How are pet being abused?

they are getting abused by their owners everyday by being beated by belts and not feed or watered or even brushed,, hair gets matted and they can not walk correctly, people need to stop the abuse and love your pets

You are a child you are being abused?

If you are being abused you should tell someone of authority like a teacher, police officer, or doctor. You should never be subjected to abuse.

Are animals abused often in zoos?

Well, it depends on the zoo and what you mean by abuse. A lot of people who work at zoos are really good people who care about the animals, and they treat them as well as they can. But just being in captivity can be considered abuse by some, and of course there are instances where animals are abused, and just the things that people have to do to be safe from the animals can sometimes be a form of abuse. Are they abused often? I would say yes. But not universally, and some places are much better than others.

What are facts about animals being abused?

animals are abused everyday and neglected because of hunger bein beat u can stop it if u just try!!!!!!!!! People abuse animals every day wether its with dogfights to testing products on them its still animal abuse

Why is abuse bad?

abuse is bad because the person whose being abused gets beat for no reason. is that fair? what if you were the abused. gettn hit for no reason. you wouldn't like it. its not fair. take it from me. im abused and child support wont do anything. its never fair but you live with it. abuse is awful and worse than bad. it should be illegal. but people still get away with it. trust me....

Your being abused how do you control your self?

If your being abused, it needs to stop. No one has a right to abuse you. Call the police, or talk to the person abusing you see if you can make them stop. Abuse can cause depression, and other stuff that you don't need.

What to do in case of being abused?

You seek help from organizations that deal with abuse. Report to police.

Why should you care about child abuse?

Child abuse is not only wrong but it can scar the children for life. They can become horrified by people, even their own parents because they were being abusive. If you were a child that was being abused, you probably wouldn't like it.

What are the solutions for child abuse?

The solution to child abuse would be... to give parents that people think the kids are being abused classes to be a better parent and give them counseling and breaks from their children when needed.

Who does child abuse affect?

Child abuse affects everyone that the child comes in contact with. People will usually notice changes in behavior if a child has been abused lately, and there is always change, no matter how visible, or invisible. Child abuse also affects the abuser, and makes them feel powerful, and maybe it makes them believe that it's okay to abuse children. Not only will the child who is abused be affected, but it will affect the abused child's children also, as they have a better chance now also to be abused. So child abuse is like a hereditary disease. It's being passed on.

How does physical abuse effect children?

It depends if the child itself was or is being abused, they will either forget it or remember it. 80% of children who were abused, still remember being abused. Physical abuse effects children by making them feel slightly depressed, or feel like they have to pretend to be normal. The 80% of children who recall being abused say they never talk about their feelings of their abuse or sadness, and say that they became so depressed, they began to have suicidal thoughts. Physical abuse can effect the child in a different way if its one of the parents being abused. For example, if the mother was being abused, the child would feel as if their mother were weak, or be afraid to talk with the mother. If the father were abusing the mother, the child would be afraid to have any contact with the father.

How many people per year are being abused?

1 in every 40 people are being abused every year

Why is child abuse a social problem?

it is a problem because it keeps on going because when they child being abused has children there is a possibility that they will abuse there children

Why are animals getting abused?

i think it's wrong, they shouldn't do animal abuse. they're over 1,000,000 animals that are being abused right now!

How can you get parental rights suspended because of abuse?

By reporting it to the agency in charge of child services in your state of residence or law enforcement depending on the law where you reside. This is not something that should be done lightly. False accusations of abuse have lead to both parents losing custody to the state. However if the child is really being abused, you have a duty to report it.

Can domestic abuse and Stockholm Syndrome collide Meaning can feeling guilty while being abused be called Stockholm Syndrome?

An abused person can identify with their abuser. The abuse itself would not be called Stockholm Syndrome. How the abused feels about the abuser would be Stockholm Syndrome.

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