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There are many reasons people might not like Taylor Swift, just as there are many reasons they might like her. People might not like her music, some might be jealous of her success, others may not like how she acts or looks, etc.

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Q: Why do people not like Taylor Swift?
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Why does Taylor Lautner like Taylor Swift?

Because Taylor Swift is (was) nice to him and Taylor Swift is very pretty...;)

What do most people call Taylor Swift?

Most people call Taylor Swift Swifty or Taylor

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Why don't people like Taylor Swift?

People like Taylor Swift because she is a great singer and hey look Justin Bieber likes her so every one should like her. =]

Did Taylor Swift compose love story?

Yea because Taylor Swift writes all of her songs with like a bunch of people

Is Taylor Swift the hottest pop star?

That's a matter of opinion, not fact. Some people like Taylor Swift, some do not.

Does Taylor Swift like coffee?

Taylor swift likes cappichinos

Does Taylor Swift's like chocolate?

Taylor swift loves chocolate

Does Taylor Swift like kids?

On Taylor Swift's Myspace page, Taylor Swift says that she loves kids.

Is Kesha more popular than Taylor Swift?

well, ke$ha and taylor swift have different genres of music, so taylor swift is more popular where most people like pop/country, while ke$ha is more popular where most people like pop. (i personally like taylor swift better though)

What did Taylor Swift do when she was little?

She sang in talent shows to get people to like her.

How manypeople like Taylor Swift?

Millions upon millions of people

Does Taylor Swift like the color black?

No Taylor Swift does not like black, she likes white.

Does Justin Bieber like Taylor Swift or does Taylor Swift like Justin Bieber?

no not at all

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Taylor swift inspired a lot of people, including me.

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Definatley Taylor Swift, She Has The Voice And The Looks!

Does Justin Bieber love Taylor Swift?

no, he dosen't like taylor swift!!

Does Mitchel Musso like Taylor Swift?

Yes He Likes Taylor Swift... :)

How high is Taylor Swift?

Taylor Swift is 5' 11" just like me

Does Taylor launther like Taylor Swift?

Taylor L. used to date Taylor Swift but not any more.

Are the famous people rich?

yup. people like Angelina Jolie are rich. and people like Taylor swift

Does demi lovato like Taylor Swift?

no she doesn't like Selena Gomez hanging out with Taylor swift

Did justin bieber like Taylor Swift?

yes justin biber used to like taylor swift

What does Taylor Swift's room look like?,,20163631,00.html copyright to and Taylor Swift

How is Taylor Swift a leader?

Taylor Swift gets people to follow there dreams and live them