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four cars on any street will double to eight cars-----20,000 toilet flushes will increase to 80,000 toilet fluhes which will end up in the water. POLLUTION WILL INCREASE WITH POPULATION GROWTH. now is the time to do calculations of resources versus population growth. If . voluntary safeguards are not implemented, then BIG BROTHER "government" will dictate and/or eradicate PEOPLE using methods other than war.

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Is pupil size voluntary?

Normally, no, but there are certainly people with the ability to voluntarily control it. It can be learned.

Is the population out of control?

NO. It's greed by people and certain countries that's out of control!

How can hAdes control the population?

Death is the number 1 form of population control, and being the God of the dead people did their best not to incur his wrath.

What is the population control program and when was it founded?

Many people say its got a big population of people who work there it was founded in 1946

Why are there 'Gay People' in the world?

population control

Why does population control exist in China?

Population control exists in China because there are simply too many people living there. A lot of baby girls are adopted out (if they are fortunate enough) to help keep the population under control.

How do you use voluntary in a sentence?

There was a voluntary firefighter meeting for the people who wanted to volunteer.

How does India control its population?

It's controlled by the amount of people there are in India. BY education about birth control methods.

What rank in population does the US hold?

over 336 million people! world's population is getting out of control!

Is behavior voluntary or involuntary?

Almost all human behavior is voluntary; people do what they decide to do. These decisions may be wise or foolish, but they are voluntary.

How are people controlling the population of the Butterfly Lizard?

they control them by killing these poor animals

Why was their population control in India?

because there is too many people that live in India

How can India control its population?

by allowing people not to have more than 2 children

What policy to control population growth was begun by the people republic of china?


What type of muscles do you use to pedal your bike voluntary or involuntary?

well it depend what you mean i can kind of controll it voluntary or involintary i do it involuntary when riding but starting i do it voluntary for most people ints voluntary

How would education play important role in slowing population growth?

If people are educated,they will know the effects of population growth.So,they will be influenced to control population.

How do you control population?

there few steps to control population: 1,we should provide education to girls 2,we should no marriages cildren in small age 3,we should to use condom 4,abortion is tech-noes who help to control population 5, by allowing people not to have 2 children

What are some reasons people are against population control?

population control gives a lot of power to the government. If you can decide who can spread and who cannot this makes certain elite groups to arise. Who is to decide who can breed and who cannot?

What is an example of Voluntary Response Sample?

An example of voluntary response sample would be when a radio talk-show decides to run a call-in survey on a controversial topic, such as gun control. The most likely callers are going to be people with the strongest opinions, thus the sample that results from the survey is going to over-represent those very people.

Why did china need to control its population growth?

because it was getting out of controll. Over 2billion people

What is the short story where people are killed in tunnel for population control?

The Tunnel Ahead by Alice Glase.

What is a voluntary sector?

The voluntary sector is when people give up their free time to provide a service which does not make any profit

Intestine a voluntary or inoluntary?

While the intestine's contractions are considered to be involuntary by most people, yogis learn to control the movements so they can swallow a towel and scrub the intestines by controlling the contractions.

What are the elements of a state give and discuss?

# people - refers to the inhabitants or the population of the state that comprises its citizens. # territory - is the fixed portion of the surface of the earth inhabited by the people of the state. # government - is the agency or instrumentality through which the will of the state is formulated,express and realized. # sovereignty - the supreme power of the state to command and enforce obedience to its will from people within its jurisdiction and corollary to have freedom from foreign control.

How many people have to agree before non voluntary euthanasia is taken place?

there is no such arrangement possible. Non voluntary euthanasia is execution.