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A lot of people prefer watching television to going out. This is because watching television is more convenient, and doesn't involve spending a lot of money.

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Q: Why do people prefer watching television than going out?
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What is the function of video games?

Active entertainment to prevent people from going dumb, which is one of the side effects of watching television.

What is going on in Europe?

Life is going on in Europe. People are going to work, people are going to school, people are watching TV and using the internet, people are talking with friends, people are taking a walk, people are shopping and making dinner. People are doing are doing all of the things that people do, even in Europe.

Does tv poison people?

I'm certain television won't poison you, I mean you might waste time watching it but it's certainly not going to poison you!!

Advantage of watching tv?

The biggest advantage of watching TV is that you can be in the know with things. Between weather and news alone, you realize what is going on around you.

What would people do watching Shakespeare plays?

Although the pervasiveness of televisions and recorded music have made most people oblivious to performances going on around them, people attending plays did and for the most part still do spend their time watching the actors and listening to what they say.

What does Aston merrygold enjoy?

playing psp singin going out watching tv

What are the problems of going to watch a show?

what do you mean?watching a show on tv or online?

What did people do for entertainment in 1940?

There were several different things people did for entertainment in the 1940s. This includes listening to the radio, watching sports, going to dances, and for those who had one, watched television.

Do you think watching television is good?

Watching television does have it's good points. But the increase in children watching television is growing. This means that children won't get to spend as much time going outside or letting their imaginations run wild.

What are popular leisure acitivities in England?

watching tv is the most popular leisure activity in england. outside of the home- going to the pub (including watching tv in pubs) no joke

Is game board is good for you?

It's much better than watching TV or going on FB :)

For the first time in history how could people see a major league baseball game besides going to the baseball park 8-26-1939?

By watching it on TV.

What are the things people do most often in Mexico city?

Mexico City is a city larger than New York City. As such, people do a wide variety of things, from going to the movies, shopping, driving or going out to a restaurant to staying at home watching TV.

How do you reply when asked What is going on?

I usually reply by saying what is going on at that time. Ill give you an example to help you understand because im sure you won't. If I am watching tv when someone asks "What is going on?" I will reply by saying "I am watching tv" If I was painting a picture I would say "I am painting a picture" So you see what I did there? I said what was going on when asked. Give it a try.

What do people of holland do in there spare time?

Well, nothing special I guess. Sporting, watching tv, music, reading (homework). Going to American sites to see episodes that are not yet aired in the Netherlands.

How did people watch sports in the 1920s?

Either going their and watching them or threw the radio. Either going their and watching them or threw the radio.

What does Alexandra Burke like doing?

Singing, performing, dancing, recording music, going out with friends, shopping and watching TV.

Are they coming out with a second season of skins?

they arent going to have a second season for skins because there werent that many people watching it and because since its TV-MA you cant watch it before 10 p.m.

How do you take care of your eyes?

get you eyes examined regularly.take a rest after near work like reading,watching television and going on the internet.

How humans use energy?

Everything humans do use energy. This can be anything from sitting watching television, or going on a 5 mile run.

What is Tiger Woods hobbys?

Reading, Going To The Gym, Listening To Music, Watching TV. Normal stuff. He's not an alien you know :)

Where can i watch the vampire's assistant?

Whenever it comes on your television programming, not going to state out any illegal means of watching it bro. ;3

What are the diadvantages of television?

The most important disadvantage of watching television is getting addicting to it. Because if you put it this way children are Always watching television rather than going outside to play. They just get inactive and need some exercise. Have you realized that most children/people fail to do what they are supposed to do because of getting addicted to the television? They might just stop doing their homework and instead of revising for test watch ''tv''

Daughter tells you im going to hell for watching tv because her father is apostolic.What's the difference in computer learning and watching a Dora movie on tv?

discipline her that is extremely rude to say to the person who loves you and raised you. no affense but my dad is an apostolistic pastor and we were a loud to watch tv

On a weekend what do you prefer Sitting at home watching TV or going shopping?

Well one its probably better to not do either! 1 you are being lazy watching TV and its not doing you any favours for your health but even though shopping gets you walking around you could see something that catches your eye are spend a lot of your money leaving you broke! Its better to just go outside with some friends and play a game or invite somebody over for lunch!