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Islam is the religion or faith but Muslim is the one who follows Islam religion.

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Q: Why do people say Islam and Muslim both are religion?
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What is the difference between the religion of a Muslim and an Islamic?

The religion is the same for both which is the Islam religion. The follower of Islam religion is called Muslim. However, some people by mistake call the follower of Islam religion an Islamic .

Is Sanaya Irani a Muslim and if not why?

No. Sanaya Irani is a Zoroastrian (the religion is commonly called "Parsi" in India). This is a distinct religion from both Hinduism and Islam. As for why she is not Muslim, she was born to Zoroastrian parents and was never convinced that Islam is the correct religion.

What about divorce in Muslim religion?

Both Men and Women in Islam have the right to divorce if they are not happy with their relationship.

What is the main religion of Pakistan and Bangladesh?

Islam with over 50% in both countriesso most of them are muslim

What is Islam called?

Islam is often called the "religion of peace".Many people (both Muslim and Non-Muslim) misunderstand, intentionally or not, what the term "religion of peace" comes from. The statement in full is: To he who surrenders to the will of Allah (which in Arabic is the same as the verb to convert to Islam), he will have a religion of peace. Therefore, becoming a Muslim is what allows you to benefit from the Peace that Islam brings. Whether or not this theoretical view that conversion to Islam guarantees a person peace is justified is debatable, but there is no doubt that the Peace does not belong to anyone who prevents the Spread of Islam.

What religion kneels low to ground then stands and prays men only no women?

Islam religion. Praying is for both Muslim men and women.

Is Sanaya Irani Muslim?

No. Sanaya Irani is a Zoroastrian (the religion is commonly called "Parsi" in India). This is a distinct religion from both Hinduism and Islam.

What Muslim women can and cannot do?

All obligations and requirements per Islam religion that should be maintianed and followed by Muslim women are the same as that to be followed by Muslim men. Accordingly, you can refer to the question below on the fundamentals of Islam where all of them apply for both Muslim men and women.

Can a Muslim girl or boy do a court marriage?

The Muslim girl or boy can do a court marriage, if they want, but after doing the Marriage per religion. The court marriage, if needed, should be as secondary to the marriage per religion and not as replacement to it. If both partners are in a non-Islamic country, they can do this religious marriage in the embassy of the Muslim partner.It should be emphasized that per Islam religion:The Muslim man can marry only Muslim, Christian, or Jewish woman, andThe Muslim woman can marry only a Muslim man (or a man who converted to Islam on true belief in Islam religion)

Is Islam both a country and a religion?

It is only a religion.

Does the Muslim religion believe in a hell?

Yes the Muslim religion has both a hell and a heaven

Can an unmarried woman be forced to convert to Islam after marrying a Muslim man?

Sure not. for two reasons:First It is a basic principle in Islam that no compulsion in religion.Second, the only non Muslim that a Muslim man can marry is either a Christian or a Jew, and both are called; per Islam religion; as people of the book as they are holders of the holy books The Bible and the Torah that Muslims believe in.So, no motivation for a Muslim man to force his Christian or Jewish wife to convert to Islam unless per her free will.

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