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Because if they keep it in then they'll feel even worse than before.

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What makes people good or bad?

Their actions, intensions, thoughts, feelings, how they treat people, their morals and standards and what they say.

How come people say that?

People may have a habit of saying things without thinking. This causes things to be questioned as to why or how they could say it as this may hurt feelings or anger people.

Is it usual for a tween to have feelings for a guy?

YES!'I am a tween myself, and I have feelings 4 a guy! The thing is, don't believe what people say, you're never to young to love!

Do People with ADHD have feelings?

??? EVERYONE has feelings!

How can i say my true feelings to my love?

just come out and say it if they do not return your feelings move on then they arnt worth your time

How do you tell a boy why you love him with feelings?

with feelings be nice and say the things you like about him

If your cool can you date people that aren't?

if you like that person and that person likes you but your friends say no! who cares it depends on your feelings

Why do people have emotional problems?

It is just natural to have emotional problems like they say always let your feelings show

What were the feelings of era good feelings?

the era of good feellings were the feelings that people ate.

Do gay people have feelings?

People are people, regardless of which gender they prefer, so yes gay people have feelings. Yes and they hate you (:

How do you say true feelings in french?

the true feelings are 'les vrais sentiments' in French.

Do old people have feelings?

Yes, old people have feelings. They are human like all if us.

What are some common feelings people have about animals?

There are many common feelings that people have about animals. Some of these feelings include love, care, compassion, and concern.

How do you say feelings in Arabic?

Feelings : masha'er or Ahasees ( in Arabic ). it is written this way : مشاعر, احاسيس

Why are people with autism unable to sense other people's feelings?

No one can really 'sense' other people's feelings, no one has that ability. People determine how other people feel based on body language, as Autistic people do not understand body language it is harder to understand how someone is feeling unless they say how they are feeling.

What does it mean when someone says I feel the need to share?

People who say that they feel the need to share mean that they wish to talk about their feelings.

How do you say lover in Latin?

The word "lover" in Latin is said as "amanti". A lover is someone close who people share feelings together.

Example of suring basa?

it is how people express there feelings ad expressions........... it is how people express there feelings ad expressions...........

What you do if you ask your ex out because you still love them and they say maybe?

maybe is no, people only say maybe to install false hope because they don't want to hurt your feelings.

What are things you could sing about?

Your feelings. Singing is the best way to say your true feelings on what you think and how you feel.

Do all found people have feelings?

Yes, but every person has different feelings

What do you say to a woman when your arguing and she says you hurt my feelings?

you say, "I'm sorry I didn't mean to hurt your feelings," them you give her flowers or chocolate if its really bad

Can you sue those people who abused your feelings?

If people could sue everyone who "hurt my feelings", the courts would need to be open 24 hours a day and STILL never get done for a hundred years or more. Every person WILL get their feelings hurt. And every person--including you-- WILL hurt someone else's feelings. Courts cannot be involved in settling "hurt feelings" cases. Instead, you could write a letter, even if you never send it, and say what you felt.

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