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Why do people see ghosts?


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  • Edit: Statements below the bullet point under this are either unproven facts or sightings. Ghosts have not been proven, but people claim they've seen them. The only posible evidence are that they have a form of depression, loneliness, over-active imagination, or fearing them.
  • Not all people see ghosts (or specters.) Some people don't even believe in them and Christians feel if one sees a ghost (Even the Holy Ghost?) it's a demon and not of this earth and evil. I've read many scientific studies on specters and have seen some pretty convincing pictures. They say that if someone dies a sudden death, is murdered, or loves the home they lived in they will remain there. They don't know they are dead. There is no scientific proof to back this up, but there are many things in this world us humans don't understand and perhaps we aren't meant to understand more at this point in time. Some see ghosts while others simply feel their presents or, the ghost may move material things around that person. A book may go flying across the room or lights flicker off and on for no apparent reason. Yes. Just because scientists can't prove there is such a thing doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
  • I see ghosts I have seen six in my house in just this year. They go to the right people they need loads of energy to be able to show themselves. I'm psychic. They come out when you are confident and happy just get a camera out and start taking pictures you have to be patient but they will show up cause it happened to me four times, but each one was different.
  • I have seen many ghosts in my years they stalk me, asking for my help, I know I am not going crazy because i have seen them go into the light.
  • Ghosts are real and because scientist can't prove it doesn't mean that it isn't true. I don't believe that ghosts have to stay one earth because of certain reasons I believe that they can chose if they stay and they can chose anything they want. They can be annoying they can follow you or they can just be evil. I believe a ghost should cross and if they don't want to but are not evil you should try to help and offer to help them. But if one of the people is evil or it is a demon then you should learn to get rid of it. Some people have different beliefs on how to get rid of ghosts and demon's so people can do it by themselves and other believe that only the church can and other think no one can get rid of the ghosts that haunt you. Learn why you can see the ghost, I believe that people see them for different reason's some they have a gift or the ghost's want you to see them. You need to find out to help them or you will never get rid of them unless they meet someone else who can help.
  • Ghosts are not real they are in peoples imagination, if they were real don't you think you would see them in everyday life? Demons are evils spirits but they only get control of you because they're wanting something from you.

Okay, I know this is going to sound a lot like 'ghost whisperer', but I'm not lying. I can hear, see, help and talk to the ghosts that I help to 'cross over'. Please don't say I'm crazy or lying, because I'm not.


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because most people have the technique to see ghosts.

Some people can see ghosts cause they believe In them or they feel something through Their skin and have the ublity To see them by worrieness or stresness

Well people cannot see most ghosts because it takes a tremendous amount of energy for spirit to manifest itself in such a way and ghosts can see people because it's just like being alive but nobody knows that you are there. yes but no you can still see ghosts but not very often. if someone in your family you knew dies some times you can see the parent if the parent passed.

Most people never see ghosts. Those that think they see ghosts can see them at any age.

Some people believe in ghosts, some people don't. No one really knows how many ghosts are seen in haunted places. If you want to see ghosts then i recommend Gettysburg Pennsylvania. I live there and i see ghosts about every day.

Becouse people want to see that way, spirits-souls-ghosts-demons whatever have no physical power

Nobody in the world really knows how we see can ghosts if they are real. They could very possibly appear as real as we are.

No, because ghosts do not exist. Yes dogs can see ghosts.

I really don't believe in ghosts but I don't think there is really goat in the world people claim that they see ghosts but they just want to make money to say that they see ghosts

Probably in some cases you can see ghosts, but, most people say the ghosts simply spell out messages.

Yes some can, most can't. It's a special gift that some people get. Like some can see the future, some can talk to ghosts, some can see them. Only the people with special gifts. People call them "si-cicks."

Ghosts are very difficult to see.

Not just old people can see ghosts- but I believe they see ghosts because their life is almost over, and ghosts are welcoming them. Or how should I put it, telling them how heaven is. Some of the living have been shown what the "basement level" looks like, apparently in the hopes that the "near dead" will change their ways before they die.

yes but its not like they can prove it or anything is it?!

some people are just lucky because they can't see them, but others just see them without wanting to , it isn't som ekind of gift they just appear to whoever they want. Ally-in-Wonderland's answer: It's not that people are lucky or unlucky, ghosts choose who can see them.

Some people think they see the ghosts of the two princes but it remains a mystery.

There aren't any ghosts

Ghosts do exist. They usually come back to tell people that they love them and that they didn't have time to say goodbye. Ghosts get stronger the longer they exist, that's why you can see some ghosts and some you can only feel.

You can see ghosts at your house or anywhere such as a cemetery because you can just see the powder and things

Im not sure about people, but people have claimed they can se ghosts an other apperations.

No. Fortunately ghosts are not real, so they cannot hurt people. People scare and hurt people, not ghosts.

Harry Potter can see ghosts because in the wizarding world, ghosts are real and visible to all.

yes they can. because everyone can see ghosts humans and animals.

Jim can only see ghosts when you're watching a movie.

We went to see Ghosts of Celillo its in the question.

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