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Why do people stereotype and judge others?

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Evolutionary Psycho-Sociological

Basic perceptual/ behavioral patterns are hardwired into the brain; based on those that offered the greatest chance of survival throughout the evolution of life, then the evolution of primates, and then our evolution.

Steoreotyping and prejudicing offer a simple energy-efficient form of behavior, especially in challenging tribal situations. If a bunch of people are green, while some are purple, and there is limited food, the people must form groups, stereotype outsiders, and most efficiently fight over limited resources.

Of course, in a world where resources could be plentiful for all, stereotyping and prejudicing often lead to unnecessary problems, and cause unneccessary negative elements.

Stereotyping Others

Ignorance and lack of education. I had to go to Kuwait in 2000, and my initial reaction was that there would be an "Arab" around every corner with an AK-47. As it turns out, I only had problems with one of the Kuwaiti's I met...out of maybe 100. What I found out about Kuwait doesn't make me want to go to Iraq though!

Instilling fear and control

It starts from the time a child goes to school and it's always been called "dealing with their peers and the pecking order." There are the rich kids, the poor kids, the nerds, the weird ones, different races, etc. It's ignorance and usually the person or people that start Stereotyping others are actually the weaker ones because they aren't happy if they can't instill fear or bully other people to control the environment around them. Especially children can be cruel about such things and especially teens.

When you are an adult you will come across some people like this but hopefully through the years the adult has learned a few wise things and can hold their own against such people.

It's what you don't know what you end up fearing the most

The thing is that people tend to accept their behaviour as "normal", meaning as the norm or as most people do. But alas, this is usually farthest from the truth. But this kind of attitude comes with a sense that whatever it is that others do that deviates from their behaviour is not "normal" and should be either corrected or pointed out as "deviant".
If we, all of us, took the time to understand why some people behave like "this" or like "that" and why their responses are as valid to them as ours are valid to us then we would start grasping the concept of tolerance. It's not that what you say is wrong, it simply a matter of perspective.

In my experience, those quick to point others as deviants to the norm tend to have their own skeletons on their closets, and that's most likely the reason to start this judging and stereotyping, to make others look away from them.

Some people ...

Some people judge others nonstop - often out loud about things of no importance at all, and others just don't know how to behave. I'll never forget one social event where one of the guests carried on and on about just how awful the hosts' curtains were! Why on earth she felt that itch to comment on the curtains, of all things, is beyond me. The complainer couldn't 'plead' lack of education for her rudeness- after all, she had a PhD.


Some people are insecure.

I suspect that many people find that judging others distracts from their own weaknesses.

People view others as they view themselves...this leads to judgement. Don't worry, their is a mirror on both sides.

I think it starts because of other people doing it to you when you're a child and then a person starts doing it to others (this is atleast partly true). I recommend that you read the book called "Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health," by L. Ron Hubbard, it has more information about this. I don't have time to discuss it right now, but if you have any questions, feel free to message me (Enagee).


most are insecure so they judge and make fun of others to cover up their insecurites.

And by doing this we as human beings feel better about ourselves.

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Why do people sterotype and judge others?

people stereotype because of lack of education and Ignorance

Darkness at Noon by Harold krents theme?

to not stereotype people like others did to him

Do people with tattoos generally have lower IQ?

hey some smart people have tattoos. where you heard that from is a stereotype. you judge people by how they act, not how they look

Why do people stereotype others?

People stereotype others because the human mind has a natural affinity for patterns. So if a person has a negative experience with another person who has a distinct characteristic, the possibility that they will then attribute that negative experience to the characteristic instead of the individual.

How do you use stereotype?

A stereotype is a traditional conviction or image. This can be a good or bad thing. Here are some sentences.You dislike those people based on a stereotype when you should judge them individually.He seemed the very stereotype of the school jock.She hated the stereotype of the scholarly old maid, but she was 35 and unmarried, and she worked in the library.In the 1800s, there was a stereotype of the woman's role in society. Although he wears glasses, he is nothing like the stereotype of a nerd.

How do people stereotype others?

We stereotype people when we assume that a person who happens to fall into a certain category will have certain personality traits.Example.Blonde people are stupid.Black people are good at sports.All Russians drink vodka.White people can't dance.

Why do we stereotype?

We stereotype because people tend to judge others by their looks. If you've ever heard the old adage, "Don't judge a book by its cover" then that's stereotyping in a nutshell. For instance, in high school, a person like a wannabe will look over at a girl who's joining the popular girl clique and think, "Oh, that girl must be really popular." or a jock will meet a really smart student and think, "That person's a total geek!" when they're not. Stereotyping kills because some people are too shy to shake the label, while others DO try to shake their label, but end up being disliked by a lot of people.

Should people judge others on the skin color?


Can we judge each other?

Do not judge people or you will be judged for however you judge a person so shall you be judged the same way & with what measure you measure shall be measured to you .why do you look at the speck in your brother or frends eye & you pay no attention to the plank in your own eye.Dont judge people or others & point the finger at others unless you have no sin or guilt in your own life many people do judge others by their looks by the way they dress by their attitude & behaviour but the bible is clear not to judge others at all end of story.

Will people judge you for dating someone out of your league?

Some people will. Others wont. You shouldn't care what others think though.

What percentage of people in the US stereotype or generalize?

All Americans always stereotype!

Should people judge others?

Stereotypes help save lives...

Why do people easily judge others?

Because they don't know the real you. They just judge other people in what they see in the outside. But not exactly what's in the inside.

How many people stereotype in Canada?

People stereotype because of jeleousy ***ed's note - this contributor wants to know how many not "why"***

Why do people stereotype Italians as violent?

We are passionate and animated people. That can be misconstrued as aggressive. Perhaps the Mafioso history adds to the stereotype

Are you more likely to stereotype when you are around others?

stereotyping is more common in a group of people because of how self concious we feel about others opinions. most do this to seem superior in many cases.

How is a stereotype a schema?

A stereotype is also a schema because they are assumptions we make about people from first impressions.

What is the opposite of stereotype?

A Countertype "a representation that challenges traditional stereotype associations of a group, people or places."


forces people into simple groups and encourages others to unfairly judge them.

Do whites hate Latinos?

Some people hate others because of their race or ethnicity, but educated people don't judge others on anything but their actions.

Why are black people so scary?

Black people are not scary to those who do not base their beliefs of others in stereotyping and racism. If someone is scary to another, it is usually because of the person's action and not their color; that is, unless they do, in fact, stereotype others based on race.

How do you use appearance in a sentence?

Why do so many people judge others because of their appearance?

How can sterotypes lead to misjudging others?

Stereotypes lead to misjudging others because a stereotype is not an accurate assessment of an individual. A stereotype of a group is a judgement based on a perception of a group as a whole, which is usually very different from the individuals within that group.

Do gothic people believe in Jesus Christ?

Some do, but people see "gothic people" and instantly go towards the stereotype. Some people just like that style and love Jesus others may hate Jesus.

What is an attitude or opinion about a person group or race which is formed without taking time or care to judge fairly?