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Why do people think blondes are dumb?


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Because the stereotypical blonde is pictured as "attractive" at the expense of "intelligent". In the West, at least, attractive women are said to have less impetus to develop their minds.

  • ALL blondes are NOT dumb. But some have gray matter that is partially bleached out.
  • Blondes aren't dumb. Non-blondes are just jealous, so they call them dumb. It is a myth. After all, "blonds" are generally acknowledged as brainy.

So everyone else (brunettes, readheads, black-haired and grey-haired women) are always and exclusively intelligent? Wow! That is AWESOME! - I think I will buy myself a dark haired wig.

Or, could it be that dumb is dumb, as nasty is nasty, as nice is nice, no matter what the hair color?


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You know how people call girls with blonde hair 'dumb blondes'? And how there are jokes about people like brunettes and redheads and blondes, and the blondes are always saying something dumb? Usually now, when you act sort of off or dumb, people say you are having a " blonde moment." which means you are having a dumb moment.

Nothing and blondes are NOT DUMB

If blondes are so dumb then why do people dye their hair blonde? Because blondes are not dumb. Actually, the hair dying has to do with looks, not intelligence. People may equate being blonde with being sexy and having guys take care of you. The blonde stereotype was started because of the common expression that blondes have more fun and the lousy roles blondes are given on television and in the movies.

I don't think many people do think blondes are dumb. It's just one of those generalisations based on the false assumption that facial characteristics determine how we think and act, which isn't true. Any sane thinking person will reject this idea and reject racist concepts too that seek to generalise also.

have u ever heard the saying dumb blondes?well i think that saying applies 2 this question!

its because, ages ago (i don't know when). models were usually Blonde, and usually bit thick. becasuse they were models they didnt need 'brains' basicaly. so people just still assume that blondes are dumb.i Think ;p

I am blond, i am not dum

if blondes are dumb, brunettes are intelligent+alsoBEAUTIFUL. i dont really like stereotypes tbh anyway lolz xx

== == Blondes are not dumb.Hair color has nothing to do with the brain. Using "Dumb Blondes" in commercials and ads is not the best way to get people to come to your shop or buy your products:/

because he likes brunette girls and he thinks that blondes are dumb.

All blondes are dumb, Americans are fat, all black people are bad, ect.

No he/she is not dumb. Nobody is dumb people just think differently.

Because typically blonde haired people tend to ask ridiculous questions and/or act in a way that people would classify as dumb.

If you think they are, that's what you think. I personally don't think they are dumb but its right for people to think whatever they want to think.

Really! The blondes are really not stupid they just act like it on purpose- and not just blondes, all colors!!

Because they want the attention blondes are not stupid. That is just a myth and people dye their hair blonde because they don't care what other people think about their hair and they are brave to be called stupid cause its not true.That is a very interesting question. They do say the blondes are dumb BUT they also say that blondes have more fun and that men fancy blondes more. If you see a men's magazine 90% of the women in it are blond. There is a misconception about blondes. The reason they say that blondes are dumb is because of the way men fancied blonde women years ago. There was no need for a blond woman to be intelligent. All she had to do was bat her eyelids and men answered her beck and call. Of course your hair colour doesn't actually prove your IQ. Blondes can be as intelligent as the next person if they want to, just like red heads and brunettes can be tooANSWER:Stupid is as stupid does and stupid sells. Dumb is less treating to men who are by nature pretty clueless. This is why blondes have more fun because they have effectively convinced men dumber than them that those men are superior to them. It's a deceptive practice held by many women because all is fair in love and war.Because they prefer blond, but there's blondes who dye their hair brunette too.BRUNETS ARE DUMB TOO AND BLOND HAIR IS PRETTY! PEOPLE LIKE THE COLOR IT IS NOTHING BOUT WANTING ATTENTION! DUHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! (I AM NOT BLOND I AM A BRUNETTE) BUT LEAVE THEM ALONE THEY MIGHT JUST LIKE THE COLOR IT IS OBVIOUS!

There's no answer. Because it's not true. THATS A STEREO TYPE! Most blondes realy arnt that dumb THATS A STEREO TYPE! Most blondes realy arnt that dumb

Gilliam and Scout - 2011 No More Dumb Blondes 1-11 was released on: USA: 3 May 2011

No. It is a stereotype that blondes are "ditzy" or dumb. Hair color has nothing to do with your intelligence. Your intelligence comes from what you learn in life. Like, if I had black hair and I'm smart and I dye it blonde that doesn't mean I've become dumb.

No. Blondes are sooo stupid that they are probably so used to pain because they keep tripping over air, so they don't feel it as much over time. Although some blondes will think they are bleeding to death when they get a papercut, or they think they broke their foot when they stub their toe. I guess it all depends on how dumb the blonde is.By BunniP.S this is supposed to just be a joke, but if i have offended any of you blondes out there, i am terribly sorry. Wait, no I'm not! I hate Barbie doll blondes!!!! KILL THEM ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Many people have very different tastes of beauty. For example, some people think blondes are prettier than brunettes. But then others think brunettes are prettier than blondes.

bottles are hollow and since blondes are stereotypically dumb they don't have a brain there for their head is empty so they are empty just like bottles are empty they are making fun of dumb blondes

both! blondes are considered dumb (even though this is not true) and pretty (this is sometimes true and sometimes not) Brunettes are considered plain (even though they are not) and chocolatey (um....same applies as pretty for blondes!)

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