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Werewolves change any time they want not just full moon.

And they transform they don't change.

It depends on what story you are bassing on. Legends change over time,and more stories are added often, so know one know really if they change just on fullmoons, or any night, or anytime. I think that, if you go by the fullmoon therory, they transform then because wolves are known to howl more on fullmoons. Sometimes, in other therories, they transform willingly. Like whenever they needed there wolf instincts for help.

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When are werewolves belived to come out?

full moon in our wolf form but also regualry we have normal lives

What kind of werewolves can transform on command?

Only full werewolves or shapeshifters can transform on command. Half werewolves can not - they only shift at the full moon.

What are some myths about the moon?

some people say that on a full moon, werewolves come out.

What do werewolves howl at?

Werewolves howl at a number of things for example: A full moon When it has killed To contact other werewolves

What do werewolves do at the full moon?

wereolves trasform into a wolf at the full moon. they are said to not control themselves and kill lots of people, but many have said that isnt true. i agree with those people. i think werewolves trasform at the full moon and DONT go on weird insane killing sprees.

Are all female werewolves in Twilight infertile?

leah cant have kids because she was born into it so she will never be able to whereas if people werent born into it i think that they can after they have reached full maturity.

In fairy tales do werewolves turn into wolves every full moon?

No matter what, werewolves turn into wolves every full moon.

What are werewolves?

Werewolves are fictional creatures where people transform into wolves or vice versa.The supernatural condition in which one voluntary or involuntarily becomes part-wolf, or all wolf, is called lycanthropy. It is typically caused by a curse, or from being bitten by an existing werewolf. There is no real-world condition of this sort, but people with excessive hair growth (hypertrichosis) can resemble the typical depiction of an anthropomorphic werewolf.werewolves are half human and half wolf, in some stories, some werewolves bite other werewolves to turn them into werewolves, or werewolves turn into werewolves at full moon.

What supertitious beliefs do you know which is relate to fullmoon?

The full moon makes some people mad (lunatics). The full moon makes some people change shape (werewolves)

How do werewolves lose their fur?

Werewolves are just like regular wolves.They shed when the sun rises but until then they don't shed a bit until the full moon is over.So all those people that don't think werewolves are real they are real because they ARE.

Werewolves come out when?

Werewolves come out on the full moon, but shape-shifter wolves can change whenever they want*

Do werewolves understand people?

No because werewolves are just mindless psycho killers who lust for blood but lycans as is 3rd generation werewolves are more human like thus they can understand and change at will to wolf and werewolf but stronger at full moon. and vampires don't sparkle

Are vampires better or are werewolves better?

Yes they are because they are always in their form where as werewolves can only change on a full moon.

How do werewolves act?

Werewolves are mature at the age 14 and 21 but until then they are not mature.But when the full moon is up werewolves at the age under 14 and 21 werewolves are very aggressive that's why I would'NT mess with a werewolf.

Who changes with the full moon?

Werewolves Change into their Wolf state when the moon turns Full

Can you become a werewolf by sleeping on a full moon?

No, there are no such thing as werewolves.

What is a legend related to the moon?

werewolves come out on full moons

When are werewolves believed to come out?

most of the time the only way you will see a werewolf in our wolf form is under the full moon but we do come out regualry we live normal lives as well

What are some new facts about the full moon?

People become werewolves and you can't see the stars as well on a night with a full moon. The full moon always rises when the sun sets and sets when the sun rises.

How do werewolves turn humans into werewolves?

Werewolves transform on the full moon every month. Different than animaguses, they do not remember who they are and who they love when they transform, but become savage beasts. When a werewolf bites a human while in its transformed state the human becomes a werewolf. If, like Fenrir Greyback, a werewolf bites humans while not transformed, the human will not become a werewolf, but may develop a fondness for raw meat. Generally, though, werewolves are normal people apart from their "furry little problems." :) unless you mean in twilight or something, in which case whenever the hell they want.

Why do some people always run away when the sun sets on the night of a Full Moon?

It is because of the myth of werewolves, like how they come out at a fullmoon

What do werewolves look forward to?

The next full's ecstasy

Is it true that werewolves come out when it is full moon?

Only in works of fiction.

What are werewolves know for?

Being able to transform into wolves when its a full moon.

What is a finger nail moon?

Moon that looks like the tip of a long nail like this ) Finger Nail moons are a symbol of the night of the werewolves People believed that werewolves only came out at a moment the full moon came out, NOT TRUE MAN