Why do people use credit?

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Usually as a matter of convenience more than anything. Most people have full intentions of paying off the balance in full at the end of the month, and as such are responsible users of credit, and that kind of action really helps build a solid credit history.

Other users of credit cards use them to buy stuff they either don't need, can't afford, and then get into big debt problems when they can't pay off the balances.

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Q: Why do people use credit?
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Do people use credit card generators in scams?

No people do not use credit card generators in scams. People find out authentic credit card numbers by theft of credit cards or even scanners that can scan cards in a person's pocket.

What are the effects of credit crunch?

More people use cash

Who should use a free credit reporting service?

There are a variety of people that should use a free credit reporting service. Individuals that have issues with their finances should make use of a free credit reporting system.

What are two types of credit a person can use and have?

people can have several credits, line of credit, credit cards and equity in their home to name a few.

Why push the walmart credit card when economy is so bad?

It doesn't make a difference to Wal-Mart or any other credit card company what the status of the economy is. They would love to get people with good credit ratings to use their cards. They make money when people use them. The more people that use the credit cards, the more opportunity to make money they have. There is some risk that people will use them and not pay them off, but there is still value involved.

Why is it dangerous to use credit cards for most things?

people can get your credit card number and then they can steal all their money

Do you need credit on your phone to use blackberry messenger people?

no you don't need credit to send messages on blackberry messenger

Should I use a credit agency to help my credit score?

Credit agencies are good for all people whether you have bad credit or exellent credit. They can help make sure that your credit stays on track and that there is no identity theft going on.

Do people sell Credit card on Chocolate-opoly?

No, but you can buy regular chocolate-opoly and credit card monopoly, and use a credit catd machine on Chocolate-opoly.

How do people use stolen credit cards?

They go shopping at a big box store. They use them all sorts of ways. Generally, they use them in any way a credit card that has not been stolen is used.

What percent of people that use credit cards?

It is thought that up to 78% of the population of Northern Ireland have a credit card. This is a changing figure as people are constantly dying and being born.

What did people use to pay for goods?

Debit Card Credit Card PayPal Check

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