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Answer (maybe)This is a nervous reflex of our brain, just like when someone tells you that he/she is hungry, even if you're not, you'll suddenly feel hungry as well. we tend to yawn when we see someone else yawn because we somehow connect to that person's mind when he/she's not having right amount of oxygen in his/her body

Edit: Another possible scientific reason as to why we do this:

1. Person observes yawn

2. Sensory input of the brain deactivates left periamygdalar region

3. Subject yawns in response.

It is mainly social empathy in which causes this reaction to viewing another's yawn.

Also: When you see someone else yawn, it's because their brain thinks they are low on oxygen so they open up and yawn to get more. Then, your brain thinks that person is stealing your oxygen and sealing it off from you, so your brains reaction is to yawn and the chain goes on and on and on...

Hope this helped.

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Q: Why do people yawn when they see someone else yawn?
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