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Why do pipes crack when are frozen?

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If the pipes are filled with water, they are more likely to crack. The reason for this is because the water expands when frozen, cracking the pipes.

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Water pipes should not of themselves crack at any temperature, however if pipes have water in them the water will freeze at temperatures below 0oC. If this happens then as the water freezes it will expand (ice is less dense than water) and as it expands it will either stretch metal pipes until they burst or crack ceramic pipes. For this reason external water pipes are buried at a depth to which the frost will not penetrate and internal water pipes are lagged to keep them warm.

Water expands when frozen, Metal contracts when frozen, somethings gotta give.

If you can get to the pipes, try pointing an electric hair dryer at them.

I unfreeze them with a propane blowtorch.

If pipes are frozen no water can flow, so water meter shouldn't be registering anything. But if pipes are frozen it's a good idea to turn the water off at the inlet. That way you have a chance to discover and leaks and damages when the pipes thaw w/o getting the whole place flooded.

It's a liquid - an oil; you can't crack liquid unless it's frozen.

depends on what type of piping you are talking about. Are you talking about frozen pipes bursting or High temps??

Pressure has nothing to do with pipes freezing. It is just exposure to cold.

If the copper pipes are full and the water is trapped, the pipes will split at the weakest point when exposed to continuous freezing temperatures. A testament to the power of crystallizing water.

That be called a "plumber" male and female

Depending on the location of the frozen pipes, you might erect a barrier around the pipes and use a space heater to warm the area. Stay in the area, watch to make sure you don't start a fire and that the pipes don't leak when they thaw. If the pipes are outside your house install some heat tape, it will prevent them from freezing again. If the pipes are outside, the best solution is to put them deeper into the ground (natural and good insulation).

you have a leak in your pipes or skimmer has a crack

Disposed of hypodermic needles and broken crack pipes

Because the plastic bottle expands

Water expands when frozen thus widening the crack ever deeper and splits the asphalt's crack even more than before .

Any break or leak on the suction side of your pump can cause air in the lines.

you have to look at poo in pipes and then you have to get it out and i hated it so i quit frozen pipes and peee peee popsicles

If the crack has enlarged as a result of the freezing water, it is an example of a type of physical weathering known as ice wedging.

it depends on how good the pluming is.

no it doesn't well it depends on how effective is the problem

When water turns to ice it expands, so anything that gets destroyed happens then. But if the pipe is frozen solid, there isn't anything to show what's happened - as the ice can't make it through the crack anyhow. The ice will act as a plug, blocking the crack/hole. It's first when the ice turns back into liquid as it can begin to seep through the crack and show that it's there.

The water expands when it freezes and cracks the weakest point in the pipe.

If water freezes it expands. so if the water on your pipes turn to ice 0c then you are in danger of cracking pipes.

Water will expand when heated. It it will also expand when frozen. Water seeping into narrow cracks in rock, could, when becoming frozen in winter, expand and force the narrow crack to become wider.

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