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Plastic bottles start out usually about 2 or so inches around and approximately 8 inches. They are then heated in a machine wich softens the plastic then air is forced into the bottle leaving the endentation which was caued .

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To make it crinkle and crush more to keep your pet dog entertained

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easy to make and strong unlike glass witch can be broken or explodes in heat

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Q: Why do plastic bottles have an indent in the bottom?
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Where can you find information on free plastic bottles?

Information on free plastic bottles are most commonly found on the side of the bottle. Some producers have also put their information on the bottom of the bottles, but that is more seldom.

What type of plastic are plastic bottles made of?

Plastic bottles are made of plastic with a chemical called HDPE in them. HDPE can also be used to make things such as.....bottles, grocery bags, motor oil bottle and liquid laundry detergent bottles! ;) . Plastic Plastic plastic bottles are not just made of plastic

How many plastic water bottles if laid out from top to bottom equals a mile?

If each bottle is 12 inches long, it would take 5,280 bottles.

Are plastic bottles non renewable?

Plastic bottles are mostly recyclable

What kinds of plastic bottles are made out of recycled plastic?

Most plastic bottles are a mix of new and recycled plastic.

Which types of drink bottles are recyclable?

The bottles you can recycle will have a symbol on the bottom of three arrows in the shape of a triangle. All plastic bottles can be recycled, it just depends on what kind of plastic gets picked up in your specific area.

What advantages do stainless steel bottles have over plastic bottles?

they are better for enviroment because they last longer than plastic and are not thrown away as aften as plastic bottles

Why are the bottoms of coke bottles riffled and the bottom of a coke can rounded?

Coke cans are wider and are more sturdy where as coke bottles are smaller at the bottom, and are glass, which break easier, so therefore, it needs more traction. Unless you meant the plastic bottles. :] Then I don't know, this was just an assumption. <3

What are two possible uses of recycled plastic bottles?

Most recycled plastic bottles are recycled into... plastic bottles, especially PET plastic, the one with the Number 1 in the triangle. Other kinds of plastic bottles can be again made into similar plastic bottles, or they can be "downcycled", that is, combined with other plastics to make things like garbage bins and garden furniture.

Why clouded plastic for milk bottles?

Milk bottles have clouded plastic because that type of plastic is stronger than others.

Why are drink bottles made from plastic?

Well, plastic is made from used plastic bottles so I guess that they want to recycle.

What chemical processes are used to create plastic bottles?

Plastic bottles are produced by blow molding.