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Polar bears don't need ice, they are adapted to the ice. Which means they are addicted or may live well than any other place in the world in the artic.

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Do polar bears need ice?

Yes, polar bears need sea-ice in the Arctic because they hunt seal, their main prey, on the ice. Unfortunately, global warming is melting the ice which forces polar bears to swim far distances, but they sometimes can't make it.

Do polar bears need ice to survive?


Why do polar bears need snow?

Polar bears eat seals. Seals swim faster than bears do, so the bears need a big area of ice floating on the sea. The bear waits by a hole in the ice. When a seal comes up through the hole for air, the bear is ready. Polar bears need food, and that's why they need ice. I don't know why or whether they need snow.

Do polar bears eat ice cream?

Polar Bears do not eat ice cream

What are ice bears?

Polar bears are called ice bears by some.

Why do polar bears have nails?

The reason polar bears have nails is because they need to grip to the ice and for protection also to kill there pray.

How is temperature a limiting factor for polar bears?

Polar Bears are accustomed to the cold weather. If temperatures increase and become to high, they might not be able to survive. The live on the ice and some polar bears do not know how to swim. If the ice melts, there would be no where for them to live.They need to rely on cold weather to live. They really need 0 temperature.They can walk in ice, and they can't move without Ice. Polar bears need to live in really cold temperature.

Why is melting sea ice such a threat to the polar bears?

Melting sea ice is a threat to the polar bears because without the sea ice the polar bears predators will see them and swim away.

Do polar bears eat ice?

No, polar bears have better ways of getting water than eating ice.

Why do polar bears need sea ice?

That is their primary means of hunting (seals).

Why are polar bears losing their habitat?

Polar bears are losing their habitat because global warming is sea ice melt and polar bears live on ice like it is land.

How did polar bears overcome global warming?

They haven't. Polar bears are now a threatened species. If the polar ice cap goes, then so do the polar bears, as they rely on oceanic ice to secure their food.

What will happen to the polar bear if ice caps melt?

Polar bears live on the sea-ice at the North Pole and on the ice caps in Greenland. There are no polar bears on the Antarctic ice cap. The sea ice is melting and polar bears that survive are being forced onto land where they have to compete with other species of bears for food. They may end up merging with the land bears.

Why is the ice of the polar bear melting?

Global warming means that the Arctic sea ice is melting. Polar Bears need this sea ice to help them in their feeding and breeding.

Why do polar bears live in the polar ice?

THey live in the polar ice because their fur and they are used to that temperature

What scientists are helping polar bears?

Polar Bears international is a collaboration of scientist and conversationalist working together to save the polar bears. The survival of the polar bears is linked to the arctic ice.

Do polar bears walk on warm ice?

Warm ice melts and turns into water, and no. Polar bears dont walk on water...

Why do polar bears test the ice?

as the ice melts, they need to see how airy the ice is so they don't fall into icy waters.

Where is the food or animals polar bears eat located?

Under the ice on which the Polar Bears roam.

On what do polar bears depend?

Right now, polar bears depend on humans. The habitat of the polar bear is decreasing. Because of global warming, the ice is melting. Polar bears are dying off because they have to swim long distances to get to ice.

How cold does it need to be for polar bears?

As cold as possible. Polar bears hunt mainly seals or the smaller whales, out on the frozen ice pack. When the ice has melted in the Arctic summer, the polar bears often need to resort to scavenging, or go hungry until the ice returns in the Arctic winter. Their double thick fur protects them from the cold, but makes it uncomfortable during the warmer seasons.

What season do polar bears not eat?

Polar bears main eat seals, which they hunt from the ice. During summer, when much of the sea ice melts, polar bears find ift difficult to find food.

What do polar bears do in their spare time?

Along with frolicking in the snow/ice, polar bears often relax.

What two species of bears live on ice?

Polar and Brown Bears

What are examples of polar substances?

Ice, penguins, polar bears, aurorae, ...

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