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Evolution and the Big Bang are much more testable than intelligent design. Not that that necessarily makes one right and the other wrong, but the former are supported by the generally accepted scientific method of collecting evidence and putting it to the test.

Evolution and the Big Bang are not nearly as cleanly testable as a chemistry experiment showing that sodium + chlorine makes table salt, because there's no way to run the clock back and run a truly controlled experiment on them. In both cases you have to propose a hypothesis then see what it implies. Modern cosmology is on pretty solid ground because you can calculate what would happen if it were true. Not that it's perfect. There are some mighty weird fudge factors needed to make things turn out right.

Evolutionary theory is less solid, perhaps, but as a framework it sure explains an awful lot. Even if it's wrong it's worth understanding, otherwise you pretty much get stuck saying that everything is just a miracle, which is the same as saying that there is no explanation.

Where the trouble comes in is the logical leap from, "chickens and wrens share a common ancestor" to "I am master of the universe, and there are no consequences."


The US Supreme Court determined, in Edwards v. Aguillard, 482 US 578 (1987), that intelligent design can't be taught in public schools because it has its basis in creationism, a religious concept.

Public schools are prohibited from teaching religion under the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment, sometimes called "separation of church and state," which forbids the enactment of any law "respecting an establishment of religion." The Establishment Clause is designed to protect individual rights "to select any religious faith or none at all" (Wallace v. Jaffree, 472 US 52 (1985)).

Public schools are funded by taxpayer dollars, so they are also bound by the Establishment Clause. Even if the school were funded entirely through state and local tax money (which it's not), the states are also bound by the Establishment Clause through the Fourteenth Amendment, which selectively applies most of the Bill of Rights to the states.

In determining whether a statute violates the first amendment by promoting religion, the Court applies the three-prong "Lemon" test, developed in the case Lemon v. Kurtzman, 403 US 602 (1971).

  1. The law must be enacted with a clear secular (non-religious) purpose.

  2. The primary effect of the law cannot be to promote the belief that a "supernatural being created mankind."

  3. The law cannot entangle the interests of church and state by seeking "the symbolic and financial support of government to achieve a religious purpose."
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Which Public schools teach intelligent design?

Public schools in the United States are forbidden by law from teaching intelligent design/creationism as a fact or as a scientific theory because it violates the establishment clause which allows no public establishment to "respect or endorse religion".

Do they teach the evolution theory in Catholic Schools?


Can teachers teach evolution in public schools?


Why do you teach evolution in schools?

Because it is important to teach about natural laws which nature follows.

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Why is Intelligent Design taught in some states of the US alongside Evolution?

AnswerThe USA has a huge pressure from its creationist population who are very vociferous to reintroduce religion into the biology classroom. Many of these people probably think that only ID should be taught and that evolution is wrong. It's a pity as its a backwards step in education. If more people understood evolution, it would be more accepted.AnswerThe United States may well be under pressure from certain Christian groups who want creationism, or intelligent design, taught alongside (or sometimes in place of) evolution; however, only private schools may incorporate these teachings into their curriculum.Public schools are not allowed to teach "intelligent design" because they are supported by tax money, per the US Supreme Court decision in Edwards v. Aguillard, 482 US 578 (1987). Intelligent design is inherently a non-scientific religious theory; using state and federal funding to promulgate religious ideology in public school is a violation of the Establishment Clause of the First Amendment.

When did the federal gov mandate teaching evolution?

There is NO Federal Mandate to teach Evolution. There is no Federal mandate to teach algebra, or chemistry or Latin, either. It is merely a question of being well-read and in-step with the 21st century. We do not teach phrenology in psychology; We do not teach phlogiston in Chemistry; and we should not teach intelligent design as an "alternative" to evolution. "Evolution" is a demonstration of a collection of known scientifically verifiable facts. Evolution does NOT discredit belief in God; in fact, evolution makes NO comments about the sanctity of life or the existence of powers beyond our own. Attempting to condemn evolution as a theory as an attack on religion or belief is as meaningful as eating meat on Friday, instead of Fish.

Do Tennessee schools teach evolution?

Teachers in Tennessee schools are protected by Law to teach evolution in K-12 settings due to the Academic Freedom Bill passed in the House in 2011 Therefore, Tennessee schools do, in fact, care about science.

What legal right was at issue in the scopes trial?

The right to teach evolution in schools

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Should intelligent design be taught in classrooms along with evolution?

The problem with inserting an "alternate explanation" as a valid option into any course content is that there are many such alternatives: Alchemy vs Chemistry, Astrology vs Astronomy, Fortune telling vs Probability, Shamanism vs Psychology, intelligent Falling vs Gravity, Curse Nullification vs Medicine.Whenever proponents of these alternate courses suggest they be taught, it is with the proviso that the teacher present them as being as good as the other opinion. Many teachers could not present pseudo-science as science.AnswerEvolution as a correct theory works in its biological and the-world-is-moving-on way all the time. In schools, one must treasure the intelligence and knowledge of the students. They are progressing all the time. Evolution scarcely has the habit of going backwards. Evolution makes progress. To introduce a discredited nonscientific illogical uneducational idea like Intelligent Design into schools does the world of science and the world nothing fullstop and the children in the classrooms a huge disfavour. A real backwards step! An antiprogress! What evolution would never do...Answer:Adding "Intelligent Design" to biology would be the gateway for ll the other alternate proposals to join science programmes: alchemy to join chemistry, astrology to join astronomy, exorcism to join psychiatry, feng shui to join architecture and so on. It might also require that all religious studies classes push Islam, Pastafarianism, Zorastorianism not as comparative religions but as equally valid alternatives to Christianity. Teach the argument gets a bit sticky when its your heart felt beliefs on the block.

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Are schools required to teach evolution?

The science curriculum in public schools usually contain some reference to evolution. In classes about life sciences, such as Biology, evolution is taught in detail. However, some states, especially those in the southern United States try to circumvent the law by avoiding the teaching of evolution altogether.

Is the theory of evolution allowed in schools?

Yes, most public schools will teach evolution in their life science classes, such as Biology. However, some states, especially those in the southern United States try to circumvent the law by avoiding the teaching of evolution altogether because of the controversy surrounding it.

Are teachers allowed to teach evolution?

no they are not allowed to teach evolution beecaus it just isnt right

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What is the butler act?

in 1925, Tennessee prohibited any teaching that denied creationism, it prohibited public schools to teach evolution to any students.

Is evolution being taught in schools?

The science curriculum in most public schools contains some reference to evolution. Usually a class like Biology will teach it in detail. However, SOME of the school systems in some states, try to circumvent the law by avoiding the teaching of evolution altogether because of the religious controversy surrounding it.

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The scopes monkey trail?

The scopes monkey trial was about whether a teacher could teach evolution in public schools. Mr. Scopes was a science teacher who wanted to teach Charles Darwin's book "On the Origin of Species."

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