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Are sea turtles fresh or salt water animals?

A clue is in their name - sea turtle - sea is salt water.

Are sea anemones salt water or fresh water animals?

Fresh water animals.

How does salt water make life hard for animals?

Most land animals cannot drink salt water. Salt water is good for sea and some coastal animals and provides a home and provides nutrients for fish and other sea creatures.

What is aquarium aqua salt?

Underwater sea animals live in salt water

How do sea animals cope with the salt in the sea?

Sea turtles cry the salt out, some lizards sneeze it out and sea snakes stick their tongue out in the water to let the salt dissolve into the sea

Where do krill live?

Krill are sea animals and live in salt water at the bottom of the sea.

Can you raise sea urchins in your salt water aquarium?

You can raise a sea urchin in a salt-water aquarium. There are no fresh water sea urchins so you would need a salt-water aquarium to properly care for the urchin.

How are sea animals and land animals alike?

Sea animals eat and need water and so do land animals.

How does sea animals stay alive in salt water?

because is can eat other sea creatures

Do hermit crabs need water with no chlorine?

YES! they need distilled water and sea salt water. dont use table salt it will blister hermies gills and kill them. Mix the right measure of sea salt and distilled water.

Can you use table salt to do salt water in aquarium?

not really you really need sea salt

Is a sea fresh or salt water?

Sea water is salt water.

Do all animals need fresh water?

No, most marine animals -including sea birds - drink sea water.

What do waves carry through the ocean?

Water, sometimes animals, and sea salt.

Why do hermit crabs need salt water in there tank?

Hermit crabs need salt water in their tank because they have an exoskeleton (they molt), and to keep it hard they need to just walk through some SEA salt water. They need SEA salt because table salt will blister their modified gills and will sofacate them. They need DISTILLED water because the clorine in tap water will do the same to their gills(they can still drown though) I have salt water in my hermies tank and all i did to make it was just buy some hermie sea salt and the measurements said 1 tablespoon for every cup, so i made a hermie water bottle and mixed the sea salt with distilled water. YOU NEED TO CHANGE WATER EVERY DAY TO PREVENT MITES

Why is the freezing point of salt water important for animals living in the sea?

There are organisms living in the sea. When it is winter, the sea water will not freeze easily thanks to the salt in the sea water, which lowers the original freezing point, and therefore saving the animal's lives.

Can you make salt water for fiddler crabs at home?

You can make salt water for fiddler crabs. You need to use sea salt. Never use table salt. And you need to use distilled water or water that has been treated to remove the chlorine. You can get sea salt at a pet store. 1 tea salt to 1 gallon water. Change it often.

What is the differences between sea and water?

the water has no salt and the sea water has salt

Why do salt water crabs need salt to survive?

They are accustomed to that salinity of arround 3.5 percent of sea water.

Is the Sea salt water?

Yes, the sea does contain salt water.

What is the common name given to animals that live both in sea and fresh water?

marine animals... probably salt water animals but i'm not so sure for fresh water

Are frogs marine animals?

No, all amphibians need fresh water, not sea water. Sea water will kill them.

Why do animals who live in water need water?

Some animals that live primarily in saltwater need fresh water because saltwater does not absorb the necessary impurities from their metabolic systems. Salmon and some species of eels spend part of their life cycle in fresh water (where they have to retain salt) and part in the sea (where they have to balance their body salt with the saltwater around them).

Is the bering sea salt water or fresh water?

The bering sea is salt water.

Is the red sea fresh or salt water?

The red sea is normal salt water sea.

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