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Why do seeds swell up?

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Seeds increase in size as they soak in water, and the bulb inside prepares to break the shell and bury in the ground.

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Why do wooden doors get swell up and get stuck up during rainy season?

dry seeds and wooden boards etc.,swell up on contact with water or on exposure to moist air.(IMBIBITION)

Can i make your feet swell up?

Why would you want to make my feet swell up? Duh...

What makes the cells swell up?

Putting the cell in a hypotonic solution makes it swell up.

This will swell to form a fruit?

After pollination, the ovary(s) (technically it's the ovules inside the ovary(s) that swell. This eventually forms the fruit and it's seeds.

Why does chapati swell up?

Heat pressure is what causes chapati to swell.

How do you make your nipples swell up?

your nipples often swell up when you are cold, and often tickling them helps

Why do seeds swell when soaked in water?

Water makes the plant inside the seed start to grow.

A sentence with the word swell?

As a verb: My face will swell up if I eat peanut butter. As a noun: A large swell nearly capsized the boat. As an adjective: What a swell party!

Why do dried pulses kept in water swell up after sometime?

Because they absorb the water they're in - which makes them swell up.

Why do mosquito bites swell up?

This is because the mosquitoes release toxic substances that cause the skin swell up and irritate the skin.

Will the mongo seeds can be separated by filtration?

Mongo seeds are not separated by filtration. They are soaked in water for a few hours to allow the seeds to swell. They are then removed from the water and placed in a container so they can germinate.

Why are swell sharks called swell sharks?

They are called swell sharks because when they see a predator they swell up with water (or maybe oxygen I'm not sure) so that they appear bigger and scare it away.

Where does mumps affect?

Your salivary glands (jaws) swell up and for men your testicles swell up and then shrink and they stay that way for the rest of your life!

Do your balls swell up?

only when you touch them

How long does a Jack Russell's period go on for and does the dog swell up?

My jack Russell mix has had her period for approximately a week. And yes they do swell up.

Do dogs swell up when going into heat?

Yes, female dogs reproductive parts swell as they go into heat.

What is the meaning of the terms whitecap and swell?

A 'whitecap' is the foamy tip of a breaking wave. 'Swell' is the up and down motion of the sea.

Does spaghetti swell up in your stomach?

Yes it does because of what is in it.

Do mothballs swell up?

They don't swell up, there balls you put in your clothes so that moths don't eat your clothes. The moth balls do smell a lot though.

Why does a girls vagina lips swell up?

I actualy have a question is it normal for a womans vagina lips to swell up when she's cums during recieving head from a man??

Why do your hands swell up when you climb mount Everest?

Your hands might swell up at high altitude due to frostbite. You can read more about frostbite at the link provided.

Why do raisins swell up when placed in water?

because when place in water ,water acts as a hypotonic medium so endosmosis takes place and raisins swell up

Why do vacuum sealed food packages swell up?

Generally vacuum-sealed foods swell due to microbial growth in the food.

In pregnancy do your breasts start to swell slowly or do they swell overnight and when do they start to swell?

they never swelled for me. The only time they swelled is after i gave birth. but when pregnant, you will sometimes wake up, and be a half of a cup bigger

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