Why do sheets bundle up in dryer?

Updated: 9/17/2023
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Q: Why do sheets bundle up in dryer?
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When were dryer sheets invented?

Dryer sheets were invented in the '60's.

Can you use bounce dryer sheets in the new energy efficient Kenmore dryers?

The dryer is going to heat up enough to dry the clothes and that's all it takes for the dryer sheets to work.

Why do dryer sheets keep your clothes from sticking?

Dryer sheets have a special formula in them.

Recycle dryer sheets?

Used dryer sheets are great for cleaning out your dryer lent trap and also for shinning mirrors

What kind of sheets are best to buy for someone who doesn't use a dryer but hangs their sheets to dry?

Cotton sheets are the best choice for someone that doesn't use a dryer.

Is dryer sheets safe to eat?


How many sheets make a bundle?


How do dryer sheets prevent clothes sticking together in the dryer?

by eating pie

How many sheets of 4'x8' OSB plywood are there in a bundle?

80 sheets

Where is dryer sheets for on Mafia Wars?

How I get godfather?

Can you dry microfiber sheets in a dryer?

Yes you can.

How many sheets of 716 OSB is in a bundle?