Why do sisters mostly get along with their sisters' husbands and will be glad to see their sisters happy with their husbands but same sisters mostly trouble their brothers' wives and jealous of them?

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The generalization implied in this question is over broad. While some sisters may be jealous of their brothers' wives others are not and get along with them very well. People get jealous for many reasons.
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If your Husband likes your sister?

Dump him! He has no respect for women and no respect for you. Believe it or not, you will get his attention when you have enough guts to have respect yourself.. Don't tolerate that. If it's obvious he likes your sister, then there's more to what he is capable of doing.. Define 'likes.' Has he made ( Full Answer )

Would my husbands brothers wife be my sister-in-law?

I have looked up the definition in several online dictionaries & I think the answer is yes. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sister_in_law http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/Sister-in-law http://dictionary.cambridge.org/define.asp?key=73956&dict=CALD http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionar ( Full Answer )

What is called your sisters husbands parents?

There is no name for such a person, because there is no relation. Example. Bob and Susie are brother/sister. Susie marries Tom. Bob and Tom are Brother's in law. Bob has NO relation to anyone else in Tom's family. Susie does however.

I don't get along with my husbands sister should he step in?

I think you should step in because you mad a marital commitment that even if the vowels don't say it you guys share your families. You should speak to his sister in a respectful and mature way (because your an adult) and say ask each other why don't we get along? Is it because of this... or that...? ( Full Answer )

What do you call your sister in law's husband?

If your sister-in-law is your spouse's sister, her husband is your spouse's brother-in-law but is not related to you. You might call him "my wife's [or husband's] brother-in-law." If your sister-in-law is the wife of your brother, her husband is your brother.

What does your sisters husband call you?

Your sisters husband would be your Brother-In-Law, depending on whether you are a male or female, you would be his brother-in-law or sister-in-law. What he calls you well, that depends on your name and how much he likes you. I have a brother-in-law named Jerry, what I call him I can't say on here be ( Full Answer )

What if your sisters husband is cheating with you?

You have made the fatal error of stating that your sister's husband is cheating with you. You are both cheating and you should be ashamed of yourself for doing this to your own sister. All you had to do was open your mouth and say 'no!' There is nothing worse you can do to your sister than have an ( Full Answer )

What is your sisters husbands cousin to you?

The relative of someone who is married into your family is never of any relation to you. So you sister's husband's cousin is not related to you in any way. Which, of course, is not to say that they can't feellike family.

What is your sister-in-law husband?

Your sister-in-law is either the wife of your brother or the sister of your spouse. If she is the wife of your brother, then her husband is your brother. If she is the sister of your spouse, then her husband is not related to you. If you need a phrase to use when talking about him, "sister-in-law' ( Full Answer )

Is my sister-in-law's husband my brother-in-law?

Your sister-in-law is either the sister of your spouse or the wife of your brother. If your sister-in-law is the wife of your brother, then her husband is your brother, not your brother-in-law. If your sister-in-law is the sister of your spouse, then her husband is not related to you . In either ( Full Answer )

Who is she to you sisters husbands fathers brothers daughter?

Let's see if we can unravel this. Your sister's husband's father's brother is your sister's husband's uncle. The uncle's daughter is your sister's husband's cousin. There is no relationship to your sister, unless your sister wants to call her a cousin-in-law. To break it down to its simplest terms: ( Full Answer )

Is your sister in laws husband also your brother-in-law?

No, he is simply your sister in law's husband. He has no relationship with you. The reason she is called your sister-in-law and is because it is expected for a husband and wife to have children, and those children will join your family tree as they have some ancestors who are also your ancestors. Yo ( Full Answer )

What do you do when your husband cheats on you with your sister?

Don't just blame your husband, but the real blow is your sister allowed this to happen. She could have formed the word 'no!' They are both wrong and have hurt you and they have both lost that precious bond of trust you had with each of them. Humans are not perfect and make mistakes, but if one or th ( Full Answer )

What is your mother's sister's husband sister?

Your mother's sister's husband's sister is your aunt's sister-in-law, but is not related to you. Here's why: Your mother's sister is your aunt. The sister of a woman's husband would be her sister-in-law. In this case the woman is your aunt. So your mother's sister's husband's sister would ( Full Answer )

What relation is your sister-in-law's husband to you?

There are two ways you can have a sister-in-law. . Your sister-in-law is the wife of your brother. In that case, her husband is related to you. He is your brother. . Your sister-in-law is the sister of your spouse. In that case, her husband is your spouse's brother-in-law but is not re ( Full Answer )

What is your sister-in-law's husband called?

Your brother? LOL. it makes sense right. because you have to have a brother to have a sister in law. so technically your sister in law's husband is called your brother.

Why mostly brothers are superior than sisters?

I (being a girl) don't believe that brothers are superior to sisters, and tend to state that out loud. I was raised being informed that we are equals and should be treated that way. Also, SERIOUSLY Walmart! We derserve fair pay! Go women! RAH RAH, SIS BOOM BAH!

Why most of the sisters are jealous of brother?

This question presumes that most sisters are jealous of their brothers. That is not a correct assumption, so the question is a useless one. Some sisters are jealous and some are not and there is no way to know that one group or the other is "most sisters." This is a matter of individual personality. ( Full Answer )

What if your husband is cheating with your sister?

id go and slap her across the face and let a stream of words come out of my mouth!!!! you show her girl!!!!! This is not a very nice position to be in. You would be feeling very betrayed by both of these people and usually being cheated on gives you a feeling of being a fool. How you deal with it i ( Full Answer )

Why are sisters jealous and insecure of their brother's wife but the same sisters are not jealous of their sister's husband?

This question makes unfounded assumptions about sisters' jealousies in connection with in-laws. Some sisters are jealous of their brother's wives, but some are not. Some sisters are not jealous of their sister's husbands, bot other are. It is misleading and incorrect to presume that all sisters are ( Full Answer )

What you call your wife sister husband?

Brother in law is commonly used. However, he really is no relation and should officially be introduced as your sister-in-law's husband.

Why in general most sisters feel insecure in front their brothers' wives but don't feel the same in front of their sisters' husbands?

The generalization implied in this question is not valid. Some women may feel insecure, etc., but there is no support for the assertion that most do. Some women feel insecure around other women, as if it were a contest to be the prettiest, or smartest, or whatever else they value. It doesn't ap ( Full Answer )

Who is sister wives ex-husband?

Both Janelle and Robyn have ex-husbands. We know that Janelle was previously married to Meri's brother for a short time, and that Robyn's three kids come from a previous marriage, but we do not know the names of Robyn or Janelle's ex-husbands.

What would you do if your sister slept with your husband?

Nothing. Pack up and move on. It's hard to come to terms with, but once you get started on a new life you will be happy. They obviously don't care about you, so you have no moral obligation to care for them.

Are the sister wives jealous of Robyn?

Christine has expressed that she feels Kody spends more time with Robyn and that this makes her jealous. The other wives have said that they aren't really jealous of her and they feel that the arrangements are as equal as possible. Kody explained that he actually prefers larger women and so Robyn is ( Full Answer )

What do you related to dads sister husband?

Your relation to your dad's sister's husbnd would be uncle by marriage. Because your dad's sister is your aunt, therefore the person she marries is your uncle but because he isn't a bloodrelative he is an uncle by marriage.

Did Selena husband marry her sister?

No, Chris Perez, the husband of Selena, did not marry her sister after she died. Chris became very depressed after the death of his wife and didn't remarry until 2001. He divorced his second wife in 2008.

Do the wives on sister wives really get along?

How well Meric, Janelle, Christine and Robin Brown get along ismajor theme of their family reality television "Sister Wives."During Season 3 (first broadcast June 2014) the wives opened upabout their challenges getting along and how their differentpersonalities can make it very difficult to cope wit ( Full Answer )