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Baby snakes generally hatch from eggs with tough, leathery shells. A baby snake's egg tooth tears a hole directly through the shell, and falls off the first time the snake sheds its skin.

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Q: Why do snakes have an egg tooth?
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Do baby snakes have teeth?

Apart from having an "egg tooth" to get them out of their shell, they are also equipped with tiny fangs and venom.

Is the fang the sharpest tooth in a snakes mouth?

Yes the fang is the most sharpest tooth in a snakes mouth

Are corn snakes born from an egg?

yes, Corn snakes are egg layers.

How is an egg like a tooth?

The shell of the egg is made of the same stuff as the inside layer of a tooth.

Why does a chick have a special tooth called an egg tooth?

It helps it to get out of the egg when it is hatching. It is not a tooth in the proper sense and in most cases it is lost after hatching.

How long does a baby chick keep its egg tooth?

The egg tooth disappears after two weeks of life.

Does a birds egg tooth fall off?

A birds egg tooth can't fall of, because its hard.

Do snakes have legs when they began development in the egg?

Only the bindsnake, otherwise, no snakes have legs, even if they are developing an egg.

How do you get a chick out of a egg?

the egg tooth it takes 21 days

How many teeth do baby jaguars have?

Baby alligators have one egg tooth when they're born that helps them to get out of the egg

Do ducks have an egg tooth?


When do baby snakes born?

When they egg