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Q: Why do snapping turtles wait until middle of summer to lay there eggs?
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How long does a snapping turtal live?

Snapping turtles are able to live until they are 150 years old. The average lifespan of these turtles can be between 20 and 50 years.

How do snapping turtles live under ice in the winter?

In the wintertime, turtles bury themselves deep in the mud and hibernate until springtime.

How long until a snappping turtle is fully grown?

Um snapping turtles are mature when their 11 or 12 years old

Why do snapping turtles live in river banks?

because there unseeable by enemys. Until there 5 feet away then snap, the enemy has been killed.

How big can the common snapping turtle get?

The common snapping turtle will grow until it dies. -Timoth Beckum

Why do mother turtles lay there eggs in summer or spring?

Because the sun's heat is needed for the development of the eggs. In some colder areas the hatchling turtles often do not leave the nest until the following spring, even though they may have hatched in late summer the previous year.

Will snapping turtle eat goose?

Snapping turtles will eat anything they can catch. They often eat baby geese and ducks, pulling them underwater until they drown. They also eat fish. Snapping turtles have very powerful jaws, and can even snap off one of your fingers if you get too close. I saw a full grown Canada goose pulled under and drowned at my local lake. Unless it was Nessie, the only culprit could be the watermelon sized snapper that lives there. Frightening, but as my friend says:"turtle's gotta eat".

Do snapping turtles eat egrets?

We saved an egret from the mouth of a snapping turtle. I don't know why the turtle hung onto the bird's foot for as long as it did, nor if it would have eaten the bird. I just know it held it's foot in it's mouth for a long time while the egret struggled to get free, until we rescued it.

How do you snap your gum?

You blow a bubble and blow until it cannot go anymore. Hopefully you will hear a snapping sound (I am not exactly sure what you meant by snapping ur gum).

How does the snapping turtle stay warm in the winter?

the find someplace and sleep until spring comes!

Is may cnsidered summer?

no. summer doesn't start until school lets out or until the actual first day of summer, which i believe is in june.

What do turtles do in winter?

Turtles hibernate in the winter. They bury themselves deep in the mud and stay there until spring comes.

When is it summer in the Philippines?

Summer in Philippines is from March until May

Can new grass grow from seed in the middle of summer?

Yes, but you will have better results if you kill your existing grass now with glyphosate (RoundUp, yes I know they are evil but it works) and wait until late summer.

How do the hunters hunt for the leather back turtles?

they wait until the nesting season when the turtles must come ashore , they then wait for the turtles to lay there eggs before attacking

Where does a snapping turtle live?

All over America up until about a quarter way through Canada.

Where do turtles live in the winter time?

Turtles hibernate in the winter. They bury themselves deep in the mud and stay there until spring comes.

How do turtles live through winter?

Turtles hibernate in the winter. They bury themselves deep in the mud and stay there until spring comes.

Facts about a sea turtles young?

that the sea turtles mother leaves her baby sea turtle eggs on the beach until they hatch

What month does summer start in Pakistan?

Summer is technically June until September.

Can turtles see well?

Some turtles can, some can't. For instance, leatherback turtles will keep bumping into a glass wall until they die because they can't comprehend that there is something in front of them.

How can turtles breathe?

Turtles come to the surface and breath air, before swimming below the surface until it is time to breath air again.

Can all turtles breathe under water?

yes, all do until they one...

What month was summer 1942?

In the northern hemisphere, summer is always June until September.

What time do turtles sleep?

Morning to afternoon they will sleep until evening, and later after evening they will start moving until midnight..