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Q: Why do soldiers cut the fabric on their kevlar?
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What is the strongest fabric?


What is a fabric beginning with the letter K?


What is the fabric of frosty's hat?

It is made of Kevlar.

Where do you buy kevlar fabris?

One can buy kevlar fabrics at a variety of places. Local fabric stores often carry Kevlar fabric. This can also be purchased at Superstore and Jamestown Distributors.

What are the benefits of a kevlar helmet to soldiers?

A Kevlar helmet saves countless soldiers lives every day by being bulletproof. Kevlar helmets help soldiers stay safe from bullets, shrapnel, and explosions.

What is A bullet proof vest made from?

Kevlar fabric

Out of several different types of fabric which fabric could withstand the impact of a BB the best?


Is Kevlar waterproof?

Kevlar is a fiber that is knitted or woven into a material/fabric. Those materials can be laminated to be made waterproof, but Kevlar in and of itself as a finished good is not waterproof.

How do you sew kevlar?

Kevlar is sewn in the same manner as other fabrics. Kevlar is manufactured in the form of fine fibers and made into thread which is twisted into rope or woven into fabric.

Can you put Kevlar on a hockey stick blade?

Why would you want to. Kevlar is to make socks cut resistant

What are soldiers helmets made from?

Soldiers helmets are now made from a material called Kevlar. Kevlar is a product from DuPont and is not only used in military helmets for vests for law enforcement.

What is stronger metal or fabric?

Honestly, it depends. Pound for pound, there are a number of fabrics that are stronger than most metals. For instance, Kevlar is a fabric and is far stronger than steel. Golden orb spider silk has been woven into fabric and is far stronger than steel or Kevlar.

What is a soldiers helmet in slang called?

K-Pot.... due to it being Kevlar

If you base coat with kevlar fabric that is resin inpregnated and coat it with a explosive resistant spray coating would it be bullet proof?

Yes, if you use enough layers of Kevlar in the layup.

What is pinned into fabric and then cut around?

A pattern is pinned onto fabric, then cut around.

What are scissors that cut fabric called?

Fabric shears

What is fabric cutting?

Fabric cutting is when you cut through fabric HOPE I HELPED

How do you cut fabric?

with scissors

When was Don't Cut Your Fabric to This Year's Fashion created?

Don't Cut Your Fabric to This Year's Fashion was created in 2004.

Why was the invention of Kevlar important?

It protects countless police officers and soldiers from being injured/killed by gunfire.

What is the toughest fabric?

What fabric is the toughest depends on what the fabric needs to be "tough" against. If it needs to be a garment that needs to be tough against wear, then yes, heavy weight demin would be the answer. If it needs to be tough against stretching, then a vinyl coated nylon would be best. If it needs to be tough against being cut, then Kevlar is the toughest. While many people believe denim is very tough, the toughest fabric you can buy is canvas.

What is the fabric between the seam line and the cut edge?

The fabric between the seam and the cut edge is referred to as the seam allowance.

What is the positive connotation of cut?

Depends on the context of the word. Cut fabric? Cut from a team?

What is a bias cut fabric used to finish garment edges?

Looking closely at a square of fabric, you will see a thread that runs vertically and a thread that runs horizontally, this is galled the grain of the fabric. Bias cut fabric is fabric that is cut diagonally to the grain. In other words, if you cut off a corner and then cut another strip at the same diagonal, say 2 1/2 inches wide, you will have a bias cut fabric. this strip of fabric can then be folded taking both outer edges toward the center and then folded again in half. It can be used to finish anything from blankets, quilts garments etc. as it is very bendable and pliable because it stretches as a result of being cut on the bias.

What is kevlar body armor made out of?