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BSM Or body side mouldings.Some people don't like the mouldings on the cars so they remove them.

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Q: Why do some 1997 corvettes have body mouldings and some do not?
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Where can you buy body side molding for 1972 Dodge D100 1 half ton pickup?

Those mouldings are no longer made.. Try junk yards,Or maybe use some of the STICK ons.

Will 2000 explorer body parts fit a 1996 explorer?

Up till 2001 will fit if talking body parts and some interior parts when it comes to electronics some harnesses may differ. also some body panels require more than one piece to fit together like bumpers and various mouldings and lights and bezels.

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Why do some covettes have two mirrors and others only one?

Some Corvettes had 2 mirrors starting in the early-70s as an option, they became standard equipment circa 1977-1978.

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Where is the BCM located on a 1996 Corvette?

The Body Control Module for all 90-96 Corvettes is behind the radio. It is a silver metal box about 7'' X 5" with 2 plug in connectors--a bit of a pain in the butt to change out so set aside some time.

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