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Simply because Marlin thought it would look better. These gold trigger Marlins are not different than any other Marlin. They were made for a certain number of years with gold triggers, and all models got them at that time.

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Q: Why do some Marlin models have a gold trigger?
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What is the diffrince in price for a marlin model 60 and a marlin model 60 with a gold trigger?

I have a marlin model 60 with a gold trigger..the price difference is not by much if any at all..they both cost the same. some gun shops will charge more, but most usually don't and charge the same. A model 60 with etching and wood work can sell for more than one with just a gold trigger.

What is a Marlin 30-30 gold trigger 7 shot worth which is approximately twenty years old?

Marlin Model 336's (except for some rare versions) typically sell for $150-$200 in typical used condition.

Why do some baker rifles have different trigger guards?

Variations among models or the maker

What is age of marlin 39 A serial 16399416?

Depending on the over all specifications. A of the marking of the forearm, stock .I shall say mid 1920's to 1939. But they are still in production . some may have a gold plated trigger as well

What years were Glenfield Model 25 22 rifles made and what model Marlin would be the same?

Glenfield Marlin Model 25 rifles were patterned after the Marlin 80C and Marlin 780 rifles. The Glenfield name was added for sales to coast-to-coast chain-stores versus stores that were specific Marlin dealer stores. The Glenfield 25 was manufactured from 1979 through 1982 according to Brophy. Others would suggest the Marlin Glenfield 25 was produced from 1972-1982. Regardless, the Glenfield name was dropped in 1983. The rifle continued as the Marlin Model 25 until 2003, which then became the Marlin 925. Differences between the Marlin and Glenfied were purely cosmestic i.e. birch stocks instead of walnut stock, different trigger guards, and triggers (black instead of gold colored). It is still being produced in .22LR (Marlin 925) and .22 Magnum (Marlin 925M) versions today. Most parts between the Glenfield 25 and Marlin 780 will interchange with no problem. Some of the Glenfield 20 and 25 will interchange as well. However, not all late model parts between the Marlin 780 and Marlin 80 will interchange with those models made in the pre-70s.

Were to buy trigger guard for jc Higgins model 42?

If your Mdl 42 is a bolt action 22 rifle, it is a Marlin Mdl 80. There were 5 different trigger guards used at different times. Go to the wbsite for gunpartscorp, select M, then Marlin-Glenfield. Model 80, scroll down to part 78. Some of them are in stock.

Why do some Browning Gold Hunters have different receivers some with semi hump backs and some without?

Different models.

How do you properly clean a Marlin lever action rifle?

Serial numbers were required per a 1968 firearms act. Marlin .22's produced prior to this were not required to have serial numbers stamped on the weapon and marlin decided it was not productive to do so. Although they did stamp some earlier models they discontinued the practice. My Marlin model 56 made in 1960 also has no serial number.

What hair brands are good for cheap GHDS?

Some models that are available for purchase on sites such as My Shopping are: Gold Max, Gold Classic, Rich Ruby Classic, Sahara Gold Classic and the Gold Mini.

Can you make trigger adjustments on a Marlin 30-30?

No, the triggers on 336 and other Marlin lever actions have no adjustments built in. Some gunsmiths and owners have worked over their triggers to make them better, but most just let them wear in. Aftermarket trigger springs, and mainspring kits are available from places like Wild West Guns, or Dave Clay, to make the trigger feel better. Sometimes this leads to lighter strikes, or misfires, so it's trial and error process. Hope this helps.

What is the value of Marlin 336 30-30 with the gold trigger and a gold loop on the reciver made in 1969?

Per Blue Book of Gun Values: 100% perfect shape $350; 98% 270; 95% 175; 90% 155; 80% 140; 70% (average looking , with some wear) 130; 60% 125. Add 25% to all prices since Obama became President.

Is a gun trigger a first class lever?

Depends on the trigger. Some are, some aren't

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What year did Marlin introduce the gold trigger?

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