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Why do some Narcissists stalk and harass while others want nothing to do with you?

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Narcissists are just not a group with the same rules, but are individuals. One narcissist may stalk because he's ticked off his victim got away and this has burst his/her bubble, while another Narcissist will be on the lazy side or know he/she can land another victim quickly. They either want to get even or they have tired of their victim.

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Does people with narcissistic personality disorder stalk their victoms?

No, narcissists don't have a tendency to stalk people.

What are synonyms for harass?

annoy, pester, bother, pursue, stalk, hassle, worry, tease

Does the FBI stalk and harass people?

It all depends on your definition of "stalk and harass." If you are a perpetrator or "person of interest" you may view it that way, but they are just doing their job, gathering evidence, and trying to catch you.

What does to stalk someone mean?

To follow and/or harass someone who basically doesn't want to deal with you. If someone is stalking you get a restraining order.

Who do stalkers stalk?

Because they lack the social, psycological, or mental faculties necessary to form a normal relationship with the person they like. Stalkers stalk others whom they have an interest in. They stalk you Alexander!!!!!

Do sociopaths stalk others?

it depends on the sociopath is trying to do. But if it comes to it, yes they do.

What is the likely behavior of the narcissist when his partner ends the relationship?

1. Try to lure her back in, stalk her, harass her 2. Not care, find a new victim. 3. Experience narcissistic rage.

What to do when a victims family and friends stalk your job harass your neighbors for a crime you did not committ?

You would call the police, get restraining order, you could get a pfa against that person,go to court, if you are not guilty they are not aloud to do that.

Why do some boys stalk girls?

They think that they have nothing better to do and they think the girls are pretty.

Why do people want so much info online about others?

Most probably to stalk them

How to know what others are doing on internet?

you don't. that's creepy. why are you trying to stalk people'?

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Is it legal for bill collectors to come to your home?

Yes, but they cannot "harass" or "stalk" you by 'camping out,' or repeated visits. Check with your state's harassment and stalking statutes. If you own the property (e.g.: not an apartment) you may be able to request they be served wtih a "trespass notice."

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Can anyone stalk you?

Normal individuals do not stalk others. However, there is no evidence that people who stalk have a mental disorder. 90% of stalkers are men and generally stalk at night, but are known to also stalk their victim during the day and may show up at their school or workplace. Stalkers can be anyone from a friend; acquaintance (someone you have met briefly); a former boyfriend/girlfriend; spouse; coworkers; a complete stranger that has admired you from afar, or even someone you may have gone out on a date with only once or twice.

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