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Why do some boys become players?

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Because not ever guy (or female) is interested in being in a honest, healthy relationship. Some players enjoy the pursuit and the manipulating of people over establishing any real emotional connection with a particular partner. Other people may go through a 'player stage' after failed relationships as a way to somehow revenge themselves. Some people claim to be or act like players because it's unfortunately considered 'cool' if a guy can manipulate various women. Because their moms and dads didn't teach them the correct way to be a gentleman. The ones that become players or think they are think in their heads that they got all this stuff that a girl would want, and they actually believe it. They have no respect for woman and need to be shown the way. One way would be is to ignore them like the plague. Dont even entertain their acts of "playerhood." let them know that you are a woman that not only demands and commands the very best but won't tolerate someone who thinks they are of more value then the beings that we women are. Remind these players that they were brought into this world by a woman and they need to respect all of them. Enough said. Because they think they're really cool and like the attention when they have a girlfriend and love that they can say bad things about her afterwards. (Believe it, it happened to me)

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What kind of social changes happen to boys and girls during puberty?

Many boys and girls become a bit aggressive. Some become loners while some become the heart of the parties.

How do boys change emotionally during puberty?

During puberty, some boys become very irritable. Some become aggressive and disrespectful. All this is caused by hormonal imbalance

I am a girl how do you become skinny?

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What are the Australian basketball players name boys and girls?

the boys: you steve have no life

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There are several schools that go by that name - some are boys schools and some are co-ed and some were boys-only and have become co-ed. Which one in particular are you asking about?

What are the emotional and social changes that take place both girls and boys as they reach puberty period?

due to the hormonal imbalance, there can be many behavioural changes in boys and girls. some become aggressive while some become submissive.

How can i become liked by boys?

Be yourself and try out some sports. Be outgoing if you can. =) also be your self

Are there aging rituals?

in some tribes there are special rituals like some for boys to become men and other for girls.

Do players tip ball boys at US Open?


Do tennis players tip the ball boys?


Examples social changes during puberty?

some boys and girls become very aggressive during puberty. while in some cases, they become quite and loners.

What do some NBA players do when their career is over?

become a nba sports analyst or start a business

When do boys start to become sexually mature?

Boys start to become sexually mature during puberty

What do boys want to know about girls?

#1: Why they are such games-players?

What is the age where boys and girls become teenagers?

Boys and girls become teenagers when they reach their 13th birthday. (thirteen)

Why do lacrosse players hate baseball players so much?

Its not that they hate baseball or football players. Its that lacrosse players feel they and their sport get no respect. Or that all lacrosse players are rich little white boys.

How do you become friends with boys?

By talking to them. Make friends with good boys

How can you become a football manager?

Most of them were former players , now retired you must then pass a manageri exam to qualify to be one. But some times you get players who are playing managers.

Why cheerleading was invented?

Cheer-leading was invented by boys boys were the first cheerleaders it was invented for spirit for the players of football and for school spirit so it didn't matter what you were boy or girl it was such for spirit for the players.

Why did some boys become greasers?

I think that the socs boys didn't want to be looked at like they were all goody goodies and they became greasers. And the boys that were greasers wanted to look better so they became socs.

Do girls become more into boys during puberty?

Yes, but they still may not be as much into boys as boys are into them.

What can a crocodile do?

A crocodile can choose which it its eggs become boys and which become girls. The eggs buried deep in the sand will become girls and the ones near the surface will become boys. Something to do with the temperature :P

How do the boys become uncivilized?

its in their nature

What mental changes do male experience during puberty?

During puberty, the boys often become more aggressive, some become emotional. There is an increase in libido.

Can football players become basketball players?

If they are drafted and if their seasons don't conflict, yes they can.

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