Why do some boys become players?

Because not ever guy (or female) is interested in being in a honest, healthy relationship. Some players enjoy the pursuit and the manipulating of people over establishing any real emotional connection with a particular partner. Other people may go through a 'player stage' after failed relationships as a way to somehow revenge themselves. Some people claim to be or act like players because it's unfortunately considered 'cool' if a guy can manipulate various women. Because their moms and dads didn't teach them the correct way to be a gentleman. The ones that become players or think they are think in their heads that they got all this stuff that a girl would want, and they actually believe it. They have no respect for woman and need to be shown the way. One way would be is to ignore them like the plague. Dont even entertain their acts of "playerhood." let them know that you are a woman that not only demands and commands the very best but won't tolerate someone who thinks they are of more value then the beings that we women are. Remind these players that they were brought into this world by a woman and they need to respect all of them. Enough said. Because they think they're really cool and like the attention when they have a girlfriend and love that they can say bad things about her afterwards. (Believe it, it happened to me)