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It all has to do with what insurance is. Insurance is the transference of risk. You pay a premium to the insurance company, it turn they agree to indemnify you, or put you back to the financial status you were previously at prior to a claim within the limits you have selected. In simple terms you hit someone and owe for damage to his car, his injuries, damage to you car, and your injuries. Assuming you have all the coverages needed at the limits needed the insurance company pays for all this so you are now at the same place financially you were prior to the accident. That being said the, money you pay in premium is for the possibility of a future claim, not claims already paid. This insurance company must predict how much money will be paid on average for the next policy term for a pool of risk. It's like selling a product without knowing how much it will cost you to produce until after you have already sold it. Knowing this, it's amazing insurance companies know how much to charge. Charge too much and you'll lose customers to more competitive companies. Charge too little and you loose the company. You have to be as accurate as possible. This is why no insurance company should want to charge too much or too little. Auto insurance is so dynamic that it is almost impossible to predict more than six months in the future how much will be paid in claims. Variables such as people moving from one place to another, explosions in popularity of more destructive vehicles like SUVs, changes in driving habits like driving while talking on cell phones, and changes in jury awards are all variables that usually cannot be accounted for until the last minute. Further hindering insurance companies is the fact most states mandate that any rate change, up or down, must be approved through a lengthy government bureaucracy. This will slow down the process of charging the appropriate rates for the risk when time is crucial. This is why you will find that most insurance companies will offer only six month policies for autos. If you think it's all about insurance companies wanting to charge more every six month, then why are home owner's policies usually a twelve month policy?

In short, the companies want to be able to adjust their rates.

That can work in your favor also. Consider: An insurance company in most states can only charge for a conviction (a ticket) for 36 months from the conviction date (the date you paid it, or went to court.) However, the insurance company is not required nor is it even expected to stop charging for a ticket in the middle of a policy period. So if you got a ticket on 12/1/02 you would expect the reduced rates to come around 12/1/05. However, if your policy renews on 11/15/05 then if you have an annual policy you won't actually see the reduced rates until 11/15/06.

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Q: Why do some car insurance companies only write six month policies?
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How do you obtain license to write insurance policies in Georgia?

You can take an insurance agents test for various insurance companies in order to write policies in Georgia or anywhere else. It is fairly easy to obtain a license after you pass the exams.

Which companies sell insurance for people who live in apartments?

Most Property & Casualty insurance companies that write Homeowners Insurance will also sell Tenant Insurance policies. Simply call your local insurance agent to inquire.

Which national carrier provides classic car insurance quotes?

What surprises most people is that most insurance companies that write policies also write for classic car. Some companies are Allstate, Nationwide and State Farm.

What insurance companies or agents or brokers write insurance for corporate owned motorcycles?

Most ins. companies are trying to phase out writing ANY bike policies. If you are having trouble, contact the state insurance board and ask. There HAS to be some that do.

Where can I go in Texas to get some temporary insurance for six months?

Any licensed car insurance company can write a policy for you. Most companies only write car insurance policies for 6 months so that should be easy to find.

When was NJ Cure Insurance founded?

CURE Insurance was founded in New Jersey in the 1980's when larger insurance companies were not willing to write many car insurance policies. They are a non-profit agency, and this helps them keep rates low.

Can you write your own life insurance policy as a life insurance agent?

Yes you can. As an agent, you are allowed to write your own policies.

Which insurance companies cover semi trucks?

There are many companies that write insurance for semi trucks. Some of these companies are Progressive Commercial and Geico.

How much does it cost to insure a bowling alley?

Insurance for a bowling center will vary depending on type of insurance and other factors, such as location, size, age, equipment, etc. There are insurance companies that focus on bowling centers or specifically write policies for centers.

Where can a person go to compare the best life insurance policy with others?

One of the ways a person can compare life insurance policies is to write to different companies and request information. Once you have that information you can compare them and see which is best for you.

What can you do about dog breed discrimination among home owners insurance companies?

Get rid of your pit bull. (Or Rotties) There is nothing you can do . . . the insurance companies are in business to make money, not to give their money away. It is known that of all dogs that have killed people, pits are responsible for about 67% of those deaths. An insurance company would be crazy to insure someone who owns a pit. Overall across America, they would lose money. When insurance companies write insurance policies, they have to do so on the basis that they won't even have to pay out on the vast majority of policies sold.

Do you need to get an umbrella policy from the same insurance company that covers your car and home insurance?

Yes. Most companies that offer umbrella or excess liability policies will not offer such a policy unless they also insure your home and or vehicles. The reason for this is that under the policy you are required to carry policies on your home and vehicles but are required to carry certain limits of liability on these policies. It s much easier for the company to monitor these policies and required limits if they handle these policies. There are some companies that will write these separately but the prices are much higher under these circumstances.

Can you keep your car insurance with the same company even if you move out of state?

If the insurance company is licensed to sell insurance in that state , such as the national franchised companies (State Farm, Allstate, etc.,) then you can stay with them. But you have to notify them of the state you have moved to because different states have different insurance rates and laws.If you are with a small, local, private agency, then you will have to change to one in your state once you move.A bit of extra information:The larger, national companies are called "captive agents" because they can only write policies for that one company. The small, privately owend agencies are "independent agents", because they write policies under different companies. They are able to assess your insurance risks, needs, etc., and then write your policy with the company where they can get you the best rate.

What are some companies that specialize in auto insurance in OH?

The major insurance chains all specialize in Ohio. These include Allstate, State Farm, Geico, Progressive, and the new popular one, Farm Bureau. All can write policies in Ohio.

Is your moped attached to your auto insurance?

No. A moped cannot be written on an auto insurance policy. It would have to have a seperate motorcycle policy in order to be covered. Usually, but not always, companies that write one do not write the other. We have 3 insurance companies that write motorcycle insurance and non of the 3 offer an auto policy.

What is the main sources and uses of funds for finance companies insurance companies and pension funds?

selling securiies

Where do you write to learn about some old insurance policies that you have?

Well, if you are aware of the name of the Insurance Company, you can approach them with as far details as practicable, so that they can help you to trace your old insurance policies. If no details are available, it is like searching pearl from the bottom of the ocean.

Where can a person find ratings for life insurance companies?

You find good ratings for life insurance companies in discussion zones where members of the companies write their opinion. In the internet there are also sites, where the people can make a direct rating for the companies.

How can you find out if your mother has taken out a life insurance policy on your children?

== == If she is still alive, ask her. If not, write a letter of inquiry to the customer service department of suspect insurance companies. ie: the insurance companies they bought their own insurance from, the ones they bought your insurance from etc..

What insurance companies in pa will write with trampolines?

Chubb & Safeco. Must be in a fenced yar.

Can someone not resident in a country take out life insurance in a different country?

Most insurance companies need proof of residency; Some insurance companies operate in multiple countries. Lloyds of London will write in most countries.

Can I get a list of companies which are giving Boiler Insurance in US?

Any company that writes Commercial Insurance can write boiler and machinary coverage. Farmers Insurance is a large provider.

How do you get surety bond for bail bonds?

In order to get a surety bond for bail, you need to work with a licensed agent who is appointed with a bail bond insurance company (surety). Bail is like any other insurance policy. You have insurance companies that have representatives that sell their policies. Bail agents in that sense are just like insurance salesman. You go to their office, pay a premium for the policy, and you are insured. Now what you are insured for is very different than life or health or something like that. You are basically getting an insurance policy that you or a defendant will show up in court. Bail agents that write with insurance companies can be identified on each states department of insurance website. It will typically tell you information on the agent including which insurance company they write with.

Can an unlicensed driver get auto insurance?

Not all insurance companies will write a policy like this but some will. You might have to look a little but if you go to a couple of independent insurance agencies who represent many different companies then they will most likely be able to assist you.

What companies will write car insurance for a driver that was not previously insured?

Most of the major insurance companies will insure a previously uninsured driver. Your premiums will probably be higher though at least for the first year until you get some insurance history under your belt.