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Charge off is what the one you owed did. Took the loss on their records. They may sell the right to it to someone else who may try and collect, who also may do the same thing, and they may also sell it to another, etc. Each party Charges Off the amount they believe they will never collect. CHARGING OFF IS NOT FORGIVING....YOU OWE THE DEBT....THE LENDER/OWNER OF THE RIGHT TO COLLECT IT SIMPLY IS ACCOUNTING FOR THE LOSS. See discussion, pasted below, which was originally for a slightly different Q: A charge off (or write off) is the accounting process where a business acknowledges a receivable (an asset) it believes is uncollectable effectively does not exist. It is taking the cost of not collecting that receivable as a charge against current earnings. Hence the companies net current earnings is lower than they would have been and subsequently, the amount of income taxes they pay is also lower. IMPORTANT: It does not mean the debt is forgiven, just that they can

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Q: Why do some collection agencies get a charge off account and start it like a new account?
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When does the seven year mark to remove negative history from your credit report start?

It begins from the time a late payment was made or when the account is remanded to a collection agency. Some collection agencies will update the reporting status on an account, thereby keeping an account active and extending the expiration date. This is not legal and the consumer should always challenge any such activity shown on their CR and insist the data be corrected.

When does the statute of limitation start on a credit card?

The SOL begins when an account is considered in default. SOL's only apply to lawsuits, they do not halt collection procedures by the OC or an assigned collection agency.

Is sales the driving force for accounts receivable?

yes the sales will drive the main steam in the account receivable because when the sales happen the account receivable collection attampt will start

Can a creditor keep selling the debt to new collection agencies and start the clock ticking again as soon as it gets close to the 7 year limit?

I am assuming you are referring to the debtors CR. In which case the answer is No! The time limit for a debt to be removed from a CR, generally begins six months after the date of last activity on the account.

Can a person open a checking account if their account was closed at a different bank?

Yes. However, if your account was closed due to a negative balance that you failed to repay, you might have some difficulty. Banks report these "charge-offs" to credit reporting agencies other than those used to verify credit for a loan. If a bank, during their account opening process, sees that you have caused another bank a loss on a checking account, they most likely will not open a new checking account for you. The best remedy is to pay the bank that is reporting the loss and start the process over. Good luck!

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If you recently paid off a charge-off with Macy's and they reinstated your account will the old information be removed and start fresh with reporting?

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