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AnswerWhile some men can be real jerks and deserve to be divorced this does not include ALL men. It's a myth that it's always the man's fault for a divorce and women can be as much of a problem and sometimes cheat just as much as some men do. Men have feelings too and perhaps some men prefer to wear their wedding ring because they aren't ready to get back in the dating circuit yet because they are upset and need to find out where their life is going.

Or, the ex -spouse was abusive and controlling during the marriage and continuing to wear the ring is a sign of power and continued ( perceived) control.

It can also be a manipulative tool to present an image to others. If the person has a history of being manipulative then there's probably a payoff to him in some way , either socially, or psychologically. It is a statement to others: "see, she is the problem, not me". And it's a statement to his ex-wife : " see , you are still attached to me". It's a subtle form of harrassment.

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Q: Why do some men still wear a wedding ring if they are going through a separation or divorce?
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When you are DIVORCED! If you aint,You aint!

What is the first step in getting divorced?

The first step in getting a divorce is going through the process of separation. Separation is when the married couple lives away from each other. The next step is hiring a lawyer.

Why would a couple who are going through a separation and work together still wear their wedding rings?

habit. Also, wedding rings keep people of the opposite sex from persuing a relationship with them, they aren't ready to move on.

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Can you husband put a freeze on your bank account when you are still married or going through a divorce?

The courts can order a freeze on your assests during divorce or separation proceedings, especially if it is suspected that you might try to spirit money out of the account that might be legally half his.

Why would a couple going through a separation or divorce keep it a secret at work?

Going through a divorce is a very private matter and one can't blame them. It's between the both of them and nothing to do with management or employees. Face it, most people that need to know do so out of curiosity and "get the dirt". They seldom really care about the initial split-up. Marcy

If men are going through a separation or divorce why do they still refer to their exes as their wives?

A Separation is not a divorce and you are still legally married. "Getting" a divorce, you are still married until the law tells you otherwise and papers are signed. I usually hear "ex wife" or "ex husband" and that just means the couple don't live together and could mean they are just separated or are getting a divorce. Some men may refer to their ex wife as "wife" out of habit.

Can you remarry another man while going through a divorce?

No. The divorce must be final first.

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Reasons to Hire Divorce Attorneys?

Going through a divorce is one of the most emotionally stressful things that a person could ever go through. While the emotional pain and frustration is significant, the amount of legal issues that a couple has to go through can be just a frustrating. Due to the significant amount of legal issues that have to be dealt with, which could range from potential alimony, child support, or separation of assets, it is very important that a person hires a divorce attorney when going through a divorce. The first way that a divorce attorney could help someone going through the divorce process is that the attorney could help consult a person on what to expect during the divorce process. The attorney will sit with a person and explain everything that will be discussed in the divorce process. This will include reasons for separation, how assets will be split, whether or not someone will have to pay alimony or child support, and how custody of any children will take place. The second way that a divorce attorney could help someone going through the divorce process is that the attorney will help defend their client during any negotiation or legal proceedings. When going through a divorce, both parties will request what they believe they are entitled too. Since divorces are typically an emotional event, it could lead to some unfair requests. To ensure that their client receives what they are owed through the divorce, the attorney will negotiate the other party's attorney and defend them in court. The third way that a divorce attorney could help someone going through the divorce process is that the attorney could appeal any judgment made. In most situations, it would be best for all cases to be handled out of court. However, there are several situations when the divorce will need to go through a more formal legal proceeding. If you had to go through a more formal legal proceeding, and did not receive a favorable ruling, the attorney could help you out by appealing the decision. This could include negotiating down how much alimony needs to be spent or increasing the amount of visitation that you will receive.

Where can one find support when going through a divorce?

One may need counseling, financial and legal support when going through a divorce. For counseling, the family and friends are ideal as they are considerate of the situation.

Can you leave the country for a vacation while going through a divorce?


Can you see somebody while going through a divorce?

Of course. You should ask your attorney whether or not it can impact the divorce settlement.

Why would your boyfriend ask you to be there for him when he comes through his divorce?

Maybe because he wants his girlfriend to be there for him to give him support. If you were going through a divorce, would you like someone to be there with yous? :)

Is clayton Benjamin Morris married?

Clayton is married but going through a divorce.

Can you get married while going through a divorce?

Of course not. While you are "going through a divorce" you're still legally married. You can't remarry until the decree has been entered and the nisi period, if any is imposed, has passed.

Why do some married men wear wedding rings while others don't?

If a man doesn't wear his wedding ring this could mean; 1) They are split 2) He is a widow 3) Hw cheats 4) On a break - they should still wear it 5) Going through a divorce.

Does Katy Perry have a wedding ring?

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My husband and I are going through a divorce and you found out that i am pregnant what is the court or judge going to ask of me?

Hopefully for a paternity test

What should you do when you fell in love with a married man and you love each other but haven't acted on it but you are both going through a separation and divorce.?

You should either 1) Run away and change your name 2)kill both of the people you married.

Can you recommend support websites or networks for people going through divorce and separation in retirement?

Unfortunate though you circumstances are wikianswers does not promote any company or organisation. No doubt there are support groups in your locality, without knowing your location none can be suggested.

Can you get married in NJ if you are going through a divorce in PA and not legally divorced yet?

No not legally.

Can a mother give up a child if father wants custody?

If they are going through a divorce

Would Dating while married but going through a divorce?

Dating while married if you are separated would be until you or your spouse file for a divorce.

What possible tax issues may arise when going through divorce proceedings?

There are a number of tax issues that could arise when going through divorce proceedings and most of these issues are related to property. During the divorce process, assets as well as owned by a couple will have to be divided between the two individuals. This may readjust taxable income come tax time. More specifically, owning a home could be another difficult issue to address not only for who will maintain home ownership, but who will be responsible for the property tax when the filing period comes around. There are many tax issues that arise when going through a divorce and this is why it is important to consult with an experienced divorce attorney and accountant when going through a divorce.