Why do some objects sink and others objects will float?


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It depends on the density of the object. If the object's density is higher than the density of water, the object will sink. If it is lower, it will float.

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Some objects float on water because these objects are lights and some objects sink in water because these objects is heavy

Because some objects are a lot denser than water so the sink and others are less denser so they float

The objects that float have a density less than or equal to that of water. The objects that do not float have too great a density and therefore sink.

because some objects are much denser(heavier) than water so they sink

It is to do with to volume and mass.

For an object to float it has to have a density LESSER that water. For an object to sink it must have a density GREATER than water.

this is the concept that explains why some objects float on water while others sink. it all deals with density.

The density of water is called "1.0" Certain objects have a mass greater than 1.0, therefore they will sink. Objects with densities less than 1.0 will float or remain partly submerged.

because when eggs are rotten they float.

It is due to density(the ratio of mass to volume). If the objects density is greater than the liquid, then it will sink. If it is less then it will float

Because of the objects density.

Any object will float if its density is less than the density of the fluid,and it'll sink if its density is greater than the density of the fluid.

Maybe because they build it to not sink and some things sink because it is how it's made

Density : if the weight per "cubic foot" is less than water it floats, if more it sinks.

Some objects will float on water as the density of the object is less than that of water. Conversely, if an object is more dense than the density of water, then it will sink.

Because some objects are heaver than others.

It depends on their density (mass divided by volume). If the object's density is higher than the density of water, that object sinks. If it's lower, that object will float.

Because some ice cubes are cooler than others. The ones that just have that awesomeness, sink.

Those object which have low density then water like wood, ice etc. can flow and those with high density get sink..

Some olives float while others sink is due to the amount of brine they take on during the curing process.

It depends on the density of an object. If the density is higher than the density of the liquid, the it sink. If it's less, it floats.

Because air has weight, mass, and density objects will either sink or float in it. Some balloons will float for example.

things that are more dense sink while things that are less dense float

It depends, some people are naturally buoyant, others sink. Normally if you have a lung full of air you will naturally float and if you breath out you will sink.

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