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Many people have poor English language skills. This is especially true here on an internet site where visitors come from around the world. Moreover, the format of WikiAnswers can be confusing to new visitors. For technical reasons and to keep questions as simple as possible. We do not allow multi-part or compound sentences. No special characters are allowed: no colons, semicolons, parantheses, exclamation marks, percentage signs, dollars signs, etc. Even commas are not allowed. Please consider helping out by editing questions or answers that seem confusing or have grammatical errors, thereby making said questions and answers more easily understood.

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There are several reasons why this could be:

  • English is not everyone's first language. is an international community that welcomes people of all backgrounds, we do not discriminate or exclude anybody.

  • There are medical conditions that affect hand motor skills such as typing.
    For example, Parkinson's Disease, Essential Tremor and Shellshock or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Again, we do not discriminate our community members.

  • There are learning difficulties which affect some people.
    For example, Dyslexia and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD/ADD). These difficulties are, like the other points above, are uncontrollable by the person writing the question.

  • Typing too quickly.
    Sometimes people panic, especially when asking medical questions or they are worried about someone or an animal, leading them to make typos. Other times people are too upset to concentrate properly, for example someone who is asking a question about grieving or relationship troubles.

  • Laziness.
    Sometimes it is purely because of laziness. The individual may not feel too bothered about correcting their grammar or they use that awful "text speak".

There is a team of people on who do go through as many questions and answers as they can to improve the quality of them. However do bear in mind that there are millions of daily international visitors to this website, and the quality fixers cannot be everywhere at once, they are only human.

Visitors and members can help us by bringing badly-spelt questions and answers to our attention. They can do this by clicking the flag which is next to the question itself and selecting the reason why they are reporting it as grammar-related.
You could consider signing up for the WikiReviewers Program here, which deals with the quality of the site's content, to lend a hand.It is voluntary.
You could also apply to become a Supervisor (moderator) in the community and help us that way.

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Q: Why do some questions on have bad spelling and grammar?
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Why do some questions have so many grammatical and spelling errors on WikiAnswers?

This is simply because people do not want to take the time to learn proper grammar and spelling, or use it, when asking a question. Others haven't learned the proper grammar or spelling yet.

Do all questions get posted on Answerscom?

Some do get posted on

Why can't answerscom answer all your questions?

Because some of your questions may not have an answer or we don't know it yet

What are some unanswerable questions on WikiAnswers?

Questions seem unanswerable for various reasons -- there may be spelling problems or vague grammar. Then another contributor might come along and realize what the questioner was really asking, and offer an answer. Don't forget to correct any spelling or grammar errors in the question itself, so that others will have an easier time finding it in searches.

Does answerscom answers all questions?

No, it does not. There are many unanswered question that they show not to mention that there are some questions that they haven't even thought of. I get fustrated.

Do public schools teach grammar anymore It does not look like it from some of the questions you see on this site?

Yes, but I would question whether you were taught gammer. I does not look like it from your question. ("Do public schools teach grammar anymore? It does not look like it from some of the questions you see on this site.") They must not teach spelling. Gammar?

Are kids bad at grammar or spelling?

It depends how much children learn in school. and how good the school is it just depeand on the kid some kids are whizzes and some kids don't always under stand spelling and grammar sometimes even i even have trouble with spelling and grammar not every one is supposed to be a great English teacher

Why are there some people who get on Answerscom and answer a question by being a jerk?

Because contrary to popular belief, some questions are just plain stupid.

Are these answers looked at thoroughly?

There are THOUSANDS of questions on WikiAnswers. Those of us who are supervisors do spend some time checking out answers but we do not have time to check them all, along with having to recategorize MANY questions that are put in the wrong categories, and correcting the spelling, grammar, and punctuation of questions. But we do our best.

Why are some questions automatically routed elsewhere?

Some questions automatically are routed elsewhere because the question asked is very similar to another. WikiAnswers also has a community team that will find similar questions and will merge them together. There are some questions that have over a hundred different ways to ask the same thing. But that often includes versions with spelling and/or grammar errors.

Do people answer their own questions on answerscom?

Yes, some people answer their own questions on the site. As long as a question is answered properly, any answer is valid no matter whether it was your question or not.

Why do people go to this site to ask seemingly silly questions that have spelling and grammatical errors?

People like to ask questions. What may seem silly to one person may not be to the next person. And sadly, some people do have terrible grammar and spelling skills. This can be for any number of reasons including English not being their first language.

Why don't you have all the answers i mean you are answerscom?

Some questions simply can not be answered. Some questions can only be answered by the person asking them. Some don't have a single, simple answer. The answer is different depending on point of view or the context in which it is asked or what it is referring to.

Why is it that so many of the questions asked here are either poorly worded or written by jr high drop-outs?

Some people are just not very good at spelling or grammar. There are people of all ages asking questions. Just have patience and try to answer them to the best of your ability.

Why are so many of the questions posted on this site written with such awful grammar and sentence structure?

Some of the reasons are as follows;For many English is a second (or even third) language.Many users are very young and their education is incomplete.Many users have not learned correct grammar and spelling.Some are just lazy.

What kinds of questions help

Questions that help are questions about popular topics that users might come looking for answers to. They should be informative and well thought out without spelling or grammar errors.

Why is Answerscom so inadequate?

Not all answers are inadequate. These questions are answered by the public, so some people could just say stupid answers but some are quite adequate

How did global warming occurs?

You should learn some grammar before asking any questions.

Is answerscom really helpful?

some times

How come most people that post questions on here cannot spell worth a crap and have such pitiful grammar skills?

There are several likely reasons- 1. Many of the questioners are very young people- some are pre-teens. 2. In some instances, English is the second (or 3rd or 4th) language ofthe questioner- we DO get questions from several nations. 3. Some questioners are in a hurry, and make common spelling mistakes 3A. Some questioners are in a hurry and make common typing mistakes 4. The public schools (in my humble opinion) poorly educate many students in the basics of English, including spelling and grammar. Now, are you certain there is not an error in grammar is YOUR question?

Who are some users on Answerscom?

I am a user on this website

Can anyone check some spanish work for spelling grammar and suggest new phrases?

You can contract people to do this, on sites such as ODesk or ELance.

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First off what's up with the spelling and grammar? Flippin means in some ways awesome btw

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It's a million dollar question. Some questions are better left unanswered.