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because whaen they run a race they get instant energy and and power which help them in running

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It's so that they don't become hypoglycemic during the race, and it may also give them more energy to run the race.

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Q: Why do sportsmen drink glucose drinks rather than food containing carbohydrates?
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Why do you need carbohydrates and glucose?

Carbohydrates is one of the essential nutrients made up of compounds of carbon , hydrogen and oxygen with hydrogen and oxygen always in the ratio 2:1 . Carbohydrates and glucose help in releasing energy . Sugar , drinks like Boost , Horlicks are good source of carbohydrates .

Why does a marathon runner keep sipping glucose water at regular intervals?

While running a marathon competitors drink glucose drinks to resupply their bodies with energy. They do this rather than eating a food containing carbohydrates because it is physically easier and quicker to drink a glucose drink than it is to try to bite and chew a food containing carbohydrates. Also, glucose in liquid form can enter the bloodstream much more quickly than glucose broken down from carbohydrate metabolism and requires much less energy to digest compared with a solid food. Finally, many people feel nauseated when performing strenuous exercise immediately after a meal of solid food.

Why do you think people running marathons take high energy drinks rather than eat a food containing carbohydrates?

Because energy drinks give you more energy, but carbohydrates just give you growth. Wow you must be very stupid. GOSH

Sport drinks contain glucose how does this help with performance?

Glucose is a carbohydrate. Carbohydrates are your main source of energy during exercise. By drinking sports drinks while exercise, you increase the amount of energy your body can use. This allows you to be able to exercise longer or at a higher intensity without fatiging.

What do sports drinks have in them?

they have different types of carbohydrates in them they have different types of carbohydrates in them

What is the RDA for carbohydrate for cancer patients?

Carbohydrates are the commonest source of energy in living organisms with glucose being the simplest and most easily absorbable source. Grains contain both complex and simple carbohydrates. Foods containing maximum simple sugars are fruits, sweets and soft drinks. Complex carbohydrates are present mainly in whole grains such as cereals, rice, potatoes, bran, beans, breads and pastas. The most complex carbohydrate is starch present in rice and potatoes.

Drinks containing electrolytes?

drinks like Powerade and Gatorade have electrolytes in it

What drinks have glucose?

Gatorade Contains good levels of Glucose in it. Also energy drinks contain Glucose. A lot of juices do not contain glucose. They contain fructose which is different. Gatorade I found is one of the cheapest out there.

What kind of sugars are in energy drinks?


Why doesn't alcohol have carbohydrates?

It DOES have carbohydrates. Some drinks just have more than others.