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It's usually because the boys are more aggressive; not that us girls aren't just as smart or just as aggressive, but in America our history has proven that males are 'smarter' and 'more important'.

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Q: Why do teachers pick on boys and not girls?
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Does teachers always pick girls?

No teachers do not always pick girls. They mostly pick girls because they think they are sweet and quiet.

Do most teachers like girls or boys?

It Depends What Teacher It Is, Girl Teachers Like Girls Usually, Boy Teachers Like Boys.

In lessons Why do teachers sit girls next to boys?

teachers sit boys next to girls because it's a fact that girls work better when next to boys and boys work better next to girls

Do boys get more made fun of than girls?

So far no boys only in my school all pick on the girls. So far no boys only in my school all pick on the girls.

If there are 15 more girls than boys in the auditorium there are 115 more girls than teachers in the auditorium if there are 404 people in the auditorium how many are girls?

there should be 178 girls 163 boys and and 63 teachers

Do teachers call on boys more then girls?

Generally, they are called equally. Obviously, if a class has 34 boys and 3 girls, there will be more boys called on than girls. It depends on the situation.

WHY girls stand faster than boys when teacher enters class?

because girls respects the teachers

Why did the Victorian teachers have boys separate from girls?

For the most part, girls and boys were always segregated except when with their family or families. Girls and boys also had different subjects-- for example, boys were expected to learn more "figuring" (math) than girls.

Is maahi girls name or boys name?

If i had to choose weather maahi was a girls name or a boys name i would pick girls because it is more commun for girls, But it is absolutly fine for a boys name

Why do guys pick fight with the girls they love?

because boys get a lot angrear than girls do.

Are boys stupider than girls?

it is true girls are smarter then boys because boys were built stronger and girls smarter that's why most teachers are girls -Different User- That's definitely not true. Some boys are smarter than girls. Some girls are stronger than boys. It's you stupid stereotypical sexists who say otherwise or discriminate based on gender.

Why do boys pick on some girls?

well sometimes boys will have a crush on you and show it in a different way because they like us

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