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Q: Why do temperatures on the Moon's surface vary more than temperatures on earths surface?
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How much more is Earths surface of gravity than the Moon's?

Earths surface of gravity is 4.6m/s2 more than moons.

When you are you closer to the Moon's surface or the earths core?

None, only the earths core is more closer, the moons surface is 37.000 Vertices from earth

Why are more craters present on the moons surface than on earths?

because the moon does not have a equater like the earth to protact it self ;)

Why is there the moons gravity is only16 of the earths?

The earth has a colossal size more mass

Is there more land or water on earths surface?

Roughly 71% of Earth is covered by water and because that is well over half there is more water than land on Earths surface

Why are temperatures more mild during a equinox?

The earths axis is not tilted directly toward the sun.

what is Part of earths surface that rises 1000 feet or more?

A Mountain

How does volcanos change the earths surface?

volcanoes change the earths surface due to the lava set hard and drys which can make the surface bobbly and ruff also it makes the land more fertilekill people

Does the moons gravitational force stronger than earths gravitational force?

No the Earth would pull u more than the moon

Did the British Empire ever covered more than a quarter of the earth's surface?

It covered exactly 25% of the Earths surface.

Why are jovian moons more geologically active than the moon or mercury?

Jovian moons are made mostly of ice that can melt or deform at lower temperatures than can the rock and metal that make up the Moon and Mercury.

Where do you experience more gravity on earths surface or earths center?

on the surfaceNote:Since the earth's composition is not homogeneous, the gravitational acceleration onthe surface is probably less than what it is some small distance below the surface,but it's certainly greater than at the center.