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In Chinese traditional society, people believe hair is part of the body and is bestowed from their parents. To show the reverence and gratitude of the birth given by whom, ancient Chinese normally keep their body from unnecessary harm and don't cut hair. So even men have long hair in the past, it's the fashion of Qin Dynasty to twist hair at back of head, then cover and fasten it by using headpiece such as a bandanna. That's the reason why the warriors seem to have knots in their hair.

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Q: Why do terracotta warriors have knots in their hair?
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What do the terracotta warriors have to do with xi an?

The terracotta warriors are in Xi'an.

What are the terracotta warriors?

A cultural relic in Xi'an, China

What is the texture and colour of the terracotta warriors?

where did the terracotta warriors come from? i think chinatown :-)

What are the terracotta warriors built of?

Terracotta clay!

Was the army of terracotta warriors originally above or underground?

The Terracotta Army warriors were originally underground.

What was the lifestyle of the Terracotta Warriors?

The terracotta warriors are made of clay. They never had a life, let alone a lifestyle.

What emperor wanted the Terracotta Warriors?

The emperor who wanted the Terracotta Warriors was Qin Emperor Shi Huangdi.

What is the texture of the terracotta warriors?

the colour of the terracotta worries is YELLOW

What is the terractta Warriors possible?

what is the terracotta warriors possible

How many terracotta warriors are in the terracotta army?

There are 7,500 terra cotta warriors, but only 2,00 have been unearthed.

What year was the terracotta army built?

the Terracotta warriors were built in 2000

Where is the Terracotta Army in China?

The terracotta warriors are found in Xi'an, China

When did they open the museum of Terracotta Warriors in Lintong?

The museum of Terracotta Warriors was first opened to the public in October 1, 1979.

What is the size of the terracotta warriors?

The Terracota Warriors are life size

Where were the Terracotta Warriors found?

in china

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Where the terracotta warriors real people?


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Where did you find the terracotta warriors?

in the tomb

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the terracotta wrriors are mportant to the people of Xian,china

What is the terracotta warriors made of?

They were made using terracotta, isn't it kind of obvious?

What did the Terracotta Warriors fight for?

The Terracotta Warriors were funeral figures of the Qin Shihuang. They as guards of the mausoleum "fought" for the peace and honor of the emperor.

What are the terracotta statues of soldiers called?

The full name of those statues is Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang, Terracotta Army or Terracotta Warriors for short. In Chinese, they are called Bing Ma Yong (兵马俑).

Why are they called Terracotta Warriors?

Because they are warrior-like statues made of terracotta (a kind of clay). Actually, they were modelled after the best soldiers of Qin Shihuang. However, 'terracotta warriors', 'terracotta soldiers' or 'terracotta army' are all general terms, their full name is 'Terracotta Warriors and Horses of Qin Shihuang' since they are called '秦始皇兵马俑' in Chinese.

Who built the terracotta warriors site?

The Terracotta Warriors Site was built by Ancient Chinese slaves and also by the King's workers ordered by him and chosen by him.