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Why do the hottest girls seem to have the most issues?

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you should already know who are<33 edit and write here


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Q: Why do the hottest girls seem to have the most issues?
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Asian Guys most definitely like White Girls.

Why won't girls date a guy who is of the same age with them?

Because most guys seem immature and downright rude to girls of the same age.

Do guys like girls who seem sweet?

They like girls that are sweet. If they just seem sweet they usually turn out not to be.

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Does Justin Bieber attract a lot of girls?

It does seem that he does.

How come guys never seem to understand girls?

The reason is because they think they do but they don't girls think more emotional then guys and guys don't seem to understand that.

The show Glee is it more popular with guys or gals?

glee(which is awesome) is more popular with girls because of the romance, drama, music etc that most girls seem to like. hope i helped :)

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Do One Direction like girls with brown eyes?

They Like All Girls But They seem to have dated more brown eved girls

What do all girls like most about a guy?

If you find a universal answer to this question you'll be a sage. From my experence tho MOST girls like a fellow with a good sense of humor and a nice smile. Most like a guy who can carry on a decent conversation, and most seem to enjoy a man who is passionate about something in his life.

Why Sasuke dont seem to be interested by girls?

Because he doesn't care about girls. All he cares about it power.

Why do girls like jerks but not nice guys?

not all girls do they just act that way to seem cool.

Do girls like guys who are way past their age in maturity and I'm wondering because some girls seem to be scared of me?

I don't know what's wrong with the girls at your school! Most girls LOVE a guy who is very mature. But you should still show them that you can have fun. Don't be mature to the point of being boring, because, then, girls won't like you so much. yo man i sometimes have those issues. I'm twelve and the girls think im a really short fifteen year old that failed a few times. Don't worry about it they will come around sometime.