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Pretty women expect too much out of themselves. Pretty women are always trying to live up to the pretty. Pretty women are some of the most loneliest women in the world. People think you got it all, date it all, need it all, and have it all. When all you got is your television on a Saturday night and a wish for some wonderful man to call and take you out of your silent misery. This is why pretty women have the lowest self-esteem. I know, I have lived the "Pretty" lonely life! Sometimes you just got to come down to earth and not worry about being so perfect and pretty all the time. Just be like everybody else. you'll find that life want be so lonely and people will like you better. Do they? In order to give a specific answer to the question one would have to be aquainted with every attractive female in the world, which obviously is impossible. Therefore the question is rhetorical in the sense that one would only be able to answer based on their personal experience with those females that they perceive to be "the prettiest".

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Q: Why do the prettiest women have the lowest self-esteem?
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