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Competition. Same reason why a certain make and model and year of a car can vary a lot between dealerships too.

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Are there any similarities between a Hindu marriage and a typical American wedding?

weddings are not similar but the lifestyle is not different

Where can one purchase wedding champagne flutes?

Wedding champagne flutes can be purchased from many different stores and retailers. Some examples of these stores include Wedding Shop and Things Remembered.

Where does one purchase wedding stuff?

There are many different sites that sell wedding items. Online retailers such as ebay and Amazon have many types of wedding products. You can also buy used wedding items at Tradesy to cut down on cost.

Where can one buy good looking wedding garters?

Wedding garters may be purchased from a variety of retailers. Some of these retailers include David's Bridal, Etsy, The Wedding Outlet and Garters by Tania.

Where can you purchase customized wedding cufflinks?

Customized wedding cuff links can be purchased at many different retailers both online and offline. A brick and mortar store that offers customized wedding cuff links is the Men's Wearhouse.

Where people can buy wedding band sets?

One can purchase wedding band sets from a variety of different locations. One can try their local jewellery store, a large department store, or online retailers.

Where can a wedding photo book be purchased?

There is a variety of wedding books and customizable wedding books that can be purchased through many online retailers. The wedding book carries a vast selection of wedding books.

Where could someone purchase Princess Diana wedding souvenirs?

One can purchase Princess Diana wedding souvenirs from many different stores and retailers. Some examples that sell these souvenirs include Etsy and eBay.

Which jewelry retailers sell tungsten wedding rings?

There are a number of jewelry retailers that sell tungsten wedding rings. One can purchase such items from H. Samuel, Amazon, Overstock and from DH Gate.

Can you have a civil wedding ceremony after a Catholic wedding?

* If you are two different faiths, then you could have a Catholic Wedding and then have the wedding of your faith. This is generally done if there is a problem between the bride and grooms parents regarding religious beliefs.

Where can one buy a black wedding dress?

There are a number of retailers who have black wedding dresses available for purchase including David's Bridal, The Black Wedding Dress, Wedding Dress Fantasy and Etsy.

What are the names of some Canadian retailers that sell gold wedding bands?

Walmart, Amazon and Goldenmine are just some of the retailers offering gold wedding bands in Canada. One may want to buy the wedding bands from a cheaper alternative however, like a second hand store.

Where can you buy wedding flutes?

Wedding flutes can be bought at several retail stores. Retailers like David's Bridal sell a wide collection of glassware. Specialized glassware stores will also sell wedding flutes. And as a final option there are several online retailers that sell glassware as well.

What is the definition of low cut wedding dress?

The definition of a low cut wedding dress is a wedding dress with a low cut top. You can purchase these dresses online from retailers such as Alibaba.

What are some designer companies that produce men's wedding bands?

Many jewelry companies produce designer wedding bands. Zale, Kay, and Jared all sell designer wedding bands. One may want to look at different online retailers like Amazon or Overstock to get a better deal.

Where can one find wedding accessories online?

The wedding industry is a billion dollar plus industry with many online retailers in the game. Some of them include Your Wedding Store, Best Bridal Prices, Wedding Fairy Tale Dreams, and Wedding Star.

Where can men's titanium wedding bands be purchased?

Titanium is a very popular choice when it comes to wedding bands. One can purchase a men's titanium wedding band at popular retailers such as "Tiffany's."

Who is the person that performs a wedding ceremony?

A wedding officiantMinister, Rabbi or similar clergy.

How a christian wedding is different to an Islamic wedding?

In a Christian Wedding, the traditions from what the bride and groom prepares and wears to the traditional wedding symbols are different from that of the Islam wedding that is conducted in accordance to the Islamic Koran

Does your engagement ring and wedding band have to match?

They don't HAVE to, but it is preferred by most brides. What is starting to become a popular trend is brides and grooms having the same or similar wedding bands. Many retailers have been stocking up on matching wedding bands recently so it may be something to think about instead of having the engagement ring and wedding band match just for the bride. Take a look at some wedding band sets to give you an idea of whether you want to have a matching wedding band for the ring and/or with your husband.

Where can one purchase personalized shot glasses with custom logo?

Custom shot glasses can be purchased at many retailers such as Walgreens in their photo department or Print Media. Many different retailers online will customize shot glasses as well as wedding items, business portfolios, etc.

Where might one find disposable cameras for a wedding?

You can purchase disposable cameras for a wedding from stores such as CVS. Alternatively, you can also purchase these cameras from retailers such as Amazon.

What are Protestant wedding clothes?

No different than a catholic wedding.

Do you eat the wedding cake at a wedding?

Wedding customs and traditions differ between different nations and peoples. In the U.S.A., wedding cake is eaten at the wedding. But it is also proper to provide small boxes for those who would like to take an additional piece of cake home, according to some older traditions.

What is the difference between a Catholic wedding and a Christian wedding?

There is no difference, Catholics are Christians, if you are asking about the difference between a particular protestant wedding and a Christian Catholic wedding, then you should ask that.