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It may be an unsupportable assumption that the worst fires occur at oil refineries. Oil refinery fires are usually extinguished quickly and are usually well contained.

It all depends how you define 'worst'.

The most difficult to stop fires tend to be fires in forested lands. The most expensive fires tend to be large commercial buildings. Fires with the highest human death rates tend to be in dense informal urban settlements - so called slums. The most polluting fires tend to be associated with gas flares and well fires in oilfields.

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What is the meaning of a oil refineries?

The oil refineries make crud oil.

Which of the oil refineries of India as they occur from south to north?

kochi- mangalore-mumbai -koyali

What is the population of Oil Refineries?

The population of Oil Refineries is 2,009.

When was Oil Refineries created?

Oil Refineries was created in 1954.

Which of the sequences of the oil refineries of India as they occur from south to north?


How many oil refineries are there in the UK?

There are 9 major oil refineries in the UK.

Where are the oil refineries located in India?

The exact location of oil refineries in India, is classified information.

How many refineries are there in Russia?

There are over 120 refineries in Russia. The oil refineries are over 40 Russia.

How do you write a sentence with the word refineries?

Gasoline is made in oil refineries.

What do oil refineries do?

refine and clean oil.

How many oil refineries are in Texas?

There are 29 oil refineries that are located in Texas. A few of these oil refineries are San Antonio Refinery, Texas City Refinery, Tyler Refinery and Port Arthur Refinery.

How many Major oil refineries are there in Russia?

How many fuel refineries are their in Russia?

Was there Oil refineries in the 1800s?


Why are oil refineries necessary?

They are necessary because the oil that is taken out of the ground cannot be used for anything, the refineries turn the oil into petrol so it can be used in car, planes, etc.

How is propane obtained?

Crude oil refineries

How many oil refineries are there in Iran?


How many oil refineries in Pakistan?


How many oil refineries does America have?


How many oil refineries are there in the US?

As of 2010 there were 124 oil refineries producing fuel in the US and an additional 13 producing lube oils and asphalt.

What did the first refineries produce?

The first refineries produced a way for harvesting crude oil. This occurred in 1854. The crude oil was then processed hand distilling.

How was Rockefeller able to build his monopoly across the oil industry?

He bought up oil refineries, cut costs, and reinvested his profits in other refineries

Where do refineries get there crude oil?

sir,simply is from oil producer country.thanks.

Why are crude oil refineries situated on the coast?

Locating a refinery on the coast allows for easy access for oil tankers to bring oil to refineries. Inland refineries are forced to ship oil via pipelines. While pipelines are a more efficient method of shipping crude oil, a landlocked refinery cannot take advantage of spot cargos of discounted oil.

What do oil refineries get from a barrel of oil?

About 19.5 gallons of gasoline per barrel.

How does the oil get from the offshore oil rig to refineries on the mainland?

Pipes under sea

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