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Supposedly to "put the horse out of his/her misery".

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How many legs do horses have?

Horses are quadrupeds, so they have 4 legs.

how many legs do 28 horses have?

28 horses multiplied by 4 legs each horse equal 112 legs 28 * 4 = 112

How do you pick a rabbit up with injured legs?

If a rabbit is injured it means it has a lot of pain from where ever it is injured. To pick up a rabbit which has injured legs you MUST not touch their legs. You can pick it up any way just not the legs. I (personally) pick a rabbit up by its waist. By picking it up the way I do it, I am not near its legs.

Do Andalusian horses have chestnuts on the inside of their legs?

All horses have the chestnuts on the inside of the legs.

What is horse tripping?

A Mexican version of rodeo. Except they use horses instead of cows, and am to lasso their legs instead of their necks. They'll trip them over and over till the horse is so broken that they have to euthanize it. It's outlawed in the U.S.

On a farm there are horses and chickens There are total of 107 heads and 392 legs How many horses are on the farm?

If all were horses there would be 428 legs. The shortfall of 36 legs represents 18 chickens so there are 89 horses.

Who has stronger legs - cats or horses?


What is HORSES?

Horses are mammals/animals with four legs.

Why do horses have long legs?

horses have long legs because horses oringinated on the wild plains so had to run and jump away from predators

How long is the legs of a wild horse?

The length of the horses legs will vary according to the horses overall height.

How did Benedict Arnold injured his legs?

Benedict Arnold was wounded with a bullet in his legs.

Do sea horses have legs?


Do horses move with their legs?

Yes horses move with there legs . If they brake a leg or twist it then they can't move at all.

Why do horses bend their legs when they jump?

Horses bend their legs when they jump to clear the bar. It would be quite hard for a horse to take-off with strait legs.

How many legs did a horse have back then?

Four legs. Horses have always had four legs.

What kind of insect has four legs?

An injured one? Insects by definition have 6 legs.

What device is apply to the arms legs or trunk to immobilize the injured part?

A cast is a device that is applied to the arms, legs, or truck to immobilize the injured part. Splints are also used to immobilize the arms and legs.

Where is a horses hock?

It is like the back of the knee on a horses hind legs.

Do horses have legs?

Yes, they have four?

When you talk about a horses say it has what?


Why do horses have six legs?

Horses only have four legs... so if you meant to ask "why do horses have four legs" then the answer would be that four legs fit the horses needs the most, for example six legs would make it hard to turn and would make the horse too long. But in the same way two legs wouldn't be enough because the horse would have to stand on its hind legs and since it wasn't made for two legs the horse wouldn't be able to stand up and would fall over.

What is applied to the arms legs when injured?

Applied to the arm's legs? Probably some removal cream.

How many legs does a happy face spider have?

Unless injured, all spiders have 8 legs.

Ther was some horses and chickens on a farm. there were 32 animals and 100 legs how many horses were on the farm?

There are 18 horses and 14 chickens. How? Horses= 4 legs 18*4=72 Chickens= 2 legs 14*2=28 72+28=100

Do all horses have four legs?

All horses have four legs.AnswerSome horses are deformed when they are born and have five but that's extremely unlikely or they lost a leg in an accident. Comedic Answer:Some horses have six Proof (by intimidation):Everyone would agree that all horses have an even number of legs. Itis also well-known that horses have forelegs in front and two legs inback. 4 + 2 = 6 legs, which is certainly an odd number of legs for ahorse to have! Now the only number that is both even and odd isinfinity; therefore all horses have an infinite number of legs.However, suppose that there is a horse somewhere that does not have aninfinite number of legs. Well, that would be a horse of a differentcolor; and by the Lemma, it doesn't exist. That's amazing.No, seahorses have no legs.

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