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Why do turtles that have been alone for a long time not like company?

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What kind of company? Turtles are not aggressive and will tolerate the company of humans other animals and, depending on the species, other turtles fairly well. But they are not social animals. They don't crave friends and contact. They like to have other turtles to mate with during mating season but neither the mother nor the father has anything to do with the babies. They are on their own. Turtles are territorial and males will sometimes not tolerate the presence of other males. If you spent a lot of time with your turtle and then left it alone for a long time it is possible that it's tolerance for being played with has somewhat gone away. But, if you spend more time with your turtle it will most likely get used to that again. Hope this helps!

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Do turtles like to live alone or would they prefer company?

My experience has been that they prefer to live alone, just like most reptiles, although sometimes they don't mind having company. When I was growing up we had two male red-eared sliders, and we had to keep them in separate tanks because they would attack and bite each other. Now I have one, a female, and she seems perfectly happy living alone.

Do snapping turtles like to be with someone or by themselves?

They tend to hunt alone.

Do turtles need company?

Turtles like dogs and people arent in desprate need of company but it would help prevent depresion.

Do red ear slider turtles want to live in a group or alone?

The red ear slider turtles mostly get along fine in groups, there are the occasional turtles that would most definitely like to live alone. They consider other turtles competition for finding a mate.

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Can turtle be pregnant if it is alone?

No. Just like humans, turtles need some other turtle to mate with.

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Do turtles like to be together?

No. Turtles are usually solitary. I believe there is a word for"a group of turtles".

How many teeth do sea turtles have?

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Do turtles like to be petted?

Yes, some of the turtles do like being petted. Some of them do not like it, though.

Do turtles like vibrations?

Whether turtles like or dislike vibrations probably depends on the individual turtle. Some will like it and some won't. Turtles that are more fearful or aggressive may not like vibrations much. It is known that turtles do have a very strong sense of touch and can detect vibrations in the ground or floor easily. Many wild turtles use the vibrations as a warning that they should hide. Some friendly or domesticated turtles like vibrations and even being petted. Some turtles have been witnessed rubbing their carapace (the back shell) back and forth on rough surfaces or the fingernails of a person scratching them.

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