Why do water pipes sometimes burst in winters?

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When water freezes it expands, as opposed to practically all other liquids. (For this reason ice fortunately forms on the TOP of ponds and lakes.) The expansion causes pressure to build up that could eventually burst the pipe. However, most water pipes burst because, as the ice builds up in the direction of the pipe, the water pressure continues to build up downstream from the growing volume of ice, that is between the ice and the faucet's. (Water pressure does not appreciably increase upstream as there is much more water on this side.) This enormous buildup of pressure can eventually cause the strongest of pipes to burst. It is a good idea to leave a faucet dripping if the pipe leading to it is in danger of freezing. Not only does this significantly reduce the chance of the water freezing in the pipe, but it keeps the water pressure from building up to dangerous levels that can cause bursting.
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Why do water pipes burst in the winter?

Ice forms in the pipes. When water freezes it expands a little bit! In water pipes it sometimes expands just enough to split the pipe. The reason why water pipes sometimes (MORE)

Why do water pipes sometimes burst during the winter?

The water inside uninsulated pipes may freeze and expand during acold winter, pushing opening joints or splitting the pipes, oftenunnoticed. When the thaw comes, the ice in th (MORE)