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because its justt the way our eyes see things.


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Q: Why do we see different colors in the sun?
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How do humans see different wavelengths of light?

As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.As different colors.

How colors enter in the world?

Colors enter the world by the sun. The rays are made of different colors but they have different tempetures so when they enter the world, they have different colors for different things.

Is the sky white?

The sky is all different colors in all different heights. The rays from the sun make different colors throughout the whole sky. We usually see "blue" because that's the closest color to us.

What colors can dog see?

Dogs can see four different kinds of colors.

What process produces different colors we see in opaque objects?

what processes produce the different colors we see in opaque objects

How do you see different colors?

mix them

How many colors can people not see?

Over 30 different colors

Why is the rainbow different colors?

Rainbows have different colors because when the sun (which is actually white) reflects on a raindrop, the white from the sun projects the colors red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet which make a colorful rainbow.

What color can bird see?

they can see 999999999999999999999999 different colors

What animals see different and what animals can see better and how they are compared?

Well, some animals can only see in a few different colors and some can see in all colors if that's what you were asking

Can we see all the colors or are ther more?

the colors which we can see are called visible colors that appear in visible light spectrum VIBGYOR these are the only visible colors although we can see different colors by the combination of these colors also whit is a visible color

Do animals see rainbows?

Any creature that can see different colors can see a rainbow.

What colors do horse see?

They see all colors. The biggest difference between our colors and theirs is that the shades they see is different. Blue isn't as bright and yellow and white have a huge contrast.

How many different colors can you see in a rainbow?


Why is black such a good heat sink?

I think this is the answer, but I'm not so sure. The sun gives of different waves varied according to their wave length. We see different colors because for example green leaves absorbs all colors except for the color green which is reflected and bounced back to its surroundings causing us to see the color green. In black things, it absorbs all colors thus causing us to see black. In other words, it absorbs all the waves that is given of by the sun which makes it a heat sink.

Is sun light a monochromatic light?

No. White light is a mixture of different colors.

How can hair change colors?

by the sun by making it look a different colour or by dying it.

When an object is in the sunlight why do you see its color?

Sunlight is a mix of all colors. Pigments in the object reflect different colors of light, which you see.

How do the mountains rocks change colors o the minerals?

When you look at a rock and see different colors, those colors are minerals .The pressure and heat causes the minerals in the rock to change into different minerals which cause the different colors in the rocks.

What do humans see different wavelengths of as light?

Different wavelengths of visible light are different colors.

Which color absorbs more heat from the sun?

black because its absorbs all he colors as opposed to different colors they absorb the colors that they are if that makes any sense

What colors are absorbed by plants?

Different plants absorb different colors. Even different parts of plants absorb different colors. The color you see the plant as is the color being reflected rather than absorbed by the plant.

When is color blindness usually detected?

when you see different colors

Are the colors of light that objects absorb the colors you see?

No, the colors you see are the colors that are reflected by the object. White light is composed of several different wavelengths of energy, these different energies correspond to different visible colors. When an object absorbs the light, it absorbs its energy, the rest of the energy is reflected from the surface. That energy is what you see in the form of photons (light). So, if an object looks blue to you, that object is absorbing red light.

Can people see different colors?

Most people can see many colors. People who are color blind are the exception, rather than the rule.