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we use a fridge to store food and drinks and also to slow down the process of bacteria breeding and spreading around the food in your fridge.

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Q: Why do we use a fridge?
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Can you use flash cleaner in a fridge?

yes but it might break the fridge

Where do you use magnets the most?

On your fridge.

Does putting magnets on a fridge use more energy?

No. The doors of the fridge have insulation in them, and the magnetic force does not affect temperature inside the fridge whatsoever.

How many Kilo watts does a fridge use?

There are normally at least 115 watts per fridge.

What things in a house use magnets?


What do you use a push to break switch for?

a fridge

Is there such a thing as a car refrigerator?

Yes, there is the option of a portable fridge that is specifically done for car use. Therefore this portable fridge is usually called a car fridge. This fridge uses a 12 Volt power supply.

What do eskimos use to keep food from freezing?

The fridge.

What kind of energy does a fridge use?

I think it is chemical

What is the synonym for refrigerator?

Fridge is a good synonym to use.

What is the use of a thermostat in a fridge?

To control and regulate the temperature.

How do you solve the globe in grisley manor?

Use the letters on the fridge in the kitchen. The picture in the the study says love use the word love & get the colours for the globe from the letters on the fridge.

How much electricity units does a fridge use in one day?

A kitchen fridge uses about half a unit per day.

Can you use the baking soda you have in my fridge to bake cookies?

yes, it is fine to use

Would a florist use a display fridge?

Yes, a florist would need to use a display fridge. Flowers stay fresher longer when in a cold environment, and a display fridge would be a perfect way to display the flowers without compromising freshness.

What should you clean your refrigeator with?

I always use baking soda dissolved in hot water. You can even buy special packages of baking soda for use in a fridge and when they are finished you can use the residue to clean the fridge!

Fridge on its side how long till you can use?

30 min.

What are some ways people use magnet?

putting it on a fridge

What do you use for metric unit to measure height of fridge?


What do you use in your everyday life which has a magnet?

Fridge,telephone, fan

How do you remove the smell of spilt milk in a fridge?

Use lemons.

How many amps does a 60 watt fridge use?

0.27 a

Can i still use a perm if it haven't been in the fridge?

I dkk

Does a fridge use more energy in a warm room?


How many watts does a refrigerator use?

The wattage depends on the type and capacity of the fridge and will vary. The wattage should be found on a label fastened to the fridge.